Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Playroom Plans- The Home Stretch

One of the first rooms we tackled when we moved into this house was our playroom. It was basic beige with white sheer curtains when we moved in.
 We wanted to inject some playfulness to the room, so we painted it blue and did a blue and green striped accent wall.
Then, we made an elephant painting and fingerprint animals to hang in a gallery wall.
We built more closet shelves and organized the closet.
Later down the line, we changed out the warped vinyl shades for new roman roller shades and also created a place for our little ones to hang their masterpieces.
But, we stalled out after that.

Last month, we changed around some of the furniture in our house to accommodate our current season of life. Little Girlie no longer rocks (Someone needs to hold ME over that one! I try to get her to rock, but nope, she's not into it. Waaaahhhh!) so we didn't need the rocking chair in her room anymore. We were going to buy a chair for the playroom, but decided to use the rocker instead. It may not be my favorite style, but it's comfy, the right color, and free. Can't beat free. ;) Having a chair in the playroom is amazing and a real game changer!
I wrote last week about how the playroom was too crowded with the train table and showed you what we did with it. Loving how we repurposed our train table!
The bookshelf that was previously in the playroom ended up in Little Girlie's room to provide a place to store some of her toys.

With the playroom cleared out, I was able to reassess what was needed and finally felt inspired to finish this space! Here's our plans to finish up and cross this room off of our list:
On the wall that used to be taken up by the train table, we are going to hang a couple ledges for books. We're going to do the same style as our ledge in the living room. Here's an example of what we have in mind.

We've been storing books on the built in bookshelf and in totes, but the books on the built-ins are impossible for the kids to keep clean. They end up in a huge pile on the shelf...and I start twitching. ;) We figured the ledges would be easier for the kids to put their books away.

I used painters tape to mark where I wanted the shelves to go and how high our tallest books are so that I could "live with it" and see how I liked the ledge idea before committing. I'm sold!
In the chair/window corner, we are going to hang curtains (did you see my sneak peek on Instagram?) and add a cute blanket and a fun, colorful pillow to the chair to liven it up a bit.
I need to paint the back of the built-in shelves white. I think it will make the bookshelf pop and make it not look so dark. Right now, it's painted a light green that the previous owners had painted.

I'm also keeping my eye out for a cheap used chair to redo for Little Man's desk. For now, Little Man has been using one of our breakfast nook chairs as his desk chair. I would LOVE to change out that red counter, but honestly, it's so low on the budget priority list that I'm just going to work with it.

Well, there's the plans! My friend Betsy is working on lengthening the curtains and sewing the pillow for me right now. I'm so excited! Maybe Jeremy and I will even get to the book ledges this weekend? One can hope, right? ;)

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  1. Fun stuff! I actually like the red counter/desk! I love a good playroom redo and am working on our multipurpose room right now (playroom/office nook/2nd TV watching space/2nd guest room). It's a room with many jobs so I am trying to get it just right. Thanks for sharing! Found you via Savvy Southern Style!

    1. Thanks! Multi purpose rooms are tough. We have been redoing our guest room to pull double duty as an office as well and it's been tricky! I hope you post pictures of how yours is coming together! By the way, I LOVE your dining room table centerpiece!

  2. What a sweet space! I love that you taped off the book ledges beforehand. What a smart way to visualize it!

    1. Thanks! I got a little crazy with the painters tape, but it did help a bunch! ;)

  3. Wow you made such a big difference. I love your paint colors and the book ledges are awesome. #HomeMattersParty

  4. What a fun and organized space! Love those built-ins too!

  5. Looks like a great plan! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!!

  6. Love, love, love!! Thanks for sharing at the Motivational Monday link party - I'm featuring you on my blog and hope you'll link up again this week!!


  7. This room is so colorful and what a cute desk and storage area!


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