Friday, January 31, 2014

My Favorite Bowtiques

When I started writing this post, the first paragraph was about how I was still pregnant and had my induction date scheduled. Little did I know, I'd go into labor that night! Haha! Our little girl arrived 8 days overdue, but thankfully before the dreaded induction! She's beautiful and healthy and we are completely smitten! We are so thankful!

I wanted to pop in and share about my favorite bow shops. I am not a super girly girl, but man, when it comes to Little Girl, I seem to think she needs a bow for every possible outfit. Just because I don't have 50 million shoes and a closet bursting with trendy clothes and accessories doesn't mean my girl has to follow suit. Right??? ;)

My friend Bridget opened up her bowtique last year called Hunny b's' Bowtique and everything she makes is fabulous! She makes a lot of themed bows like Disney, school, sports, etc and can customize a bow for any occasion! She also makes bottle cap pendants, bow holders, and headbands!

Update!!! Bridget is doing a giveaway when she gets to 200 facebook likes! Go check out her page and like it to see all her newest updates and bows!

I ordered a couple bows from her and LOVE them all!! Check them out!
We are big football fans in this family and this year, BOTH of our teams made it to the playoffs! Woot! (Let's not talk about the game outcomes, though, ok? Ha!)  To celebrate, Little Girl had to represent! How cute are these team bows?! The bows are on clips, so when she outgrows the headband, she can still use the bow. Love that!
We also ordered this sweet, pink chevron headband that turned out so cute!
Here's a sampling of a few other bows Bridget has made. Aren't they adorable?! Check out her facebook page and message her to order! Her prices are very reasonable and she has a great turnaround time!
Below Images Credit: Hunny B's Bowtique

I have also ordered from my friend Lexi's adorable bow shop called The Honey Bee Bowtique that she runs with her friend Katie. Hilarious that of all the bow shops out there, my favorites are both very similarly named! Lexi & Katie specialize in baby bows and have such cute seasonal choices! I needed a bow to go with Little Girl's coming home dress, so I emailed Lexi and asked her what she'd recommend. She came up with a custom bow to match Little Girl's dress! She did such a fabulous job and I love the end result!
Here's a sampling of some of my favorite bows from their facebook page. Aren't they so sweet?! Check out their facebook page!
Below Images Credit: The Honey Bee Bowtique

This is not a sponsored post! I am just sharing because I love these products!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Overdue Ramblings

Well, I'm STILL pregnant. My due date has come and gone and Little Girl is still enjoying her warm, little home. You'd think she'd be running out of womb room, but she's figured out how to stretch out her legs and stick her feet up into my ribs to gain more space. Glad I could accommodate your needs, Little Girl...cough cough. ;)

Little Man was a week early, so I absolutely did not anticipate her being late. The last couple weeks, I've been getting rounds of contractions that come 1-2 minutes apart and last for a couple hours, then subside. Such a cruel tease. I have, however, gotten so many sweet texts, calls, and messages from friends and family who are anxiously awaiting her arrival and praying for us and letting us know they're thinking of us. So encouraging! Thanks you guys! :)

So, what have we been up to while we wait? Nesting, resting, and snuggling. One day I'm a cleaning maniac, the next day I can't muster up the energy to move. But, every day, I've been soaking up lots of snuggles with Little Man. He's been super cuddly lately and I'm eating up every minute of it!

Jeremy has been helping me organize the house and check things off of our to-do list. He's amazing, I tell ya! Here's a glimpse at the more "exciting" things we've done. I did a lot of boring things like cleaning out the bathroom drawers and pantry cabinets, but I'll spare you details of those projects. Haha!
-It's totally not pretty, but I did this on the cheap... Our coat closet is roughly the size of a shoe box, so it's always bursting at the seams and a mess. I cleaned it all out and put the gloves and scarves on the door which gained us a lot more hanging space for our coats. I hung all of my scarves on a hanger and used a large Command Hook I found when cleaning out the closet (score! haha!) to hang it up. I found some colored Command Hooks on clearance at Target to hang our gloves on. I totally could have done this in a much prettier way, but this way only cost me $4 and is 100% more functional, so I'm digging it. :)
(Image credit
-We have not had any permanent furniture in the entry way since we moved in. We've tried a plant there and an old beat up end table (I would have redone it if it had been a good height), but nothing looked right. My sweet Aunt and Uncle and Grandma gave me some Christmas cash (Thank you!!!) and I decided to put it together and get a real entry table. I saw this one online and found the best price at Wayfair. It came in a couple days ago and I love it! It's the perfect size for our entry and the color matches my sunburst mirror on the wall exactly! I'll blog pictures of it in our entry later, but for now, enjoy the stock photo... :)
-My mom finished Little Girl's curtains! Jeremy hung them up and we absolutely love them! I will do an entire post on them after things settle down, but here's a sneak peek!

Happy Monday, Everyone!
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