Friday, June 7, 2013

Playroom Progress: Gallery Wall

Just popping in really quick to show you our finished playroom gallery wall! It's been a slow process to get it hung just right and all the frames filled, but we can finally check it off the list!
 Confession time... I've seen a bajillion tutorials on how to hang a gallery wall using templates, etc, but didn't bother. I laid out the frames how I wanted, took a picture, and had Hubby wave his magic wand. This worked great except for the set of two side-by-side frames. He measured and leveled, but they still came out crooked. Turns out, the hooks on the back of the frame were in slightly different spots. Grrrr. I finally figured out if I put a flat thumbtack in the hook and taped it into place, I could get the frame up exactly where I wanted, then press in the tack. It left I nice little hole that I used as my guide to put in the nail. Next time, I'll save myself the patching and repainting and create a template!
I purchased the alphabet artwork at a craft show. The elephant art, fingerprint art, and paintings were done by Little One. The photos are matted with colorful scrapbook papers.

I love how it turned out and am so glad to be one step closer to finishing this room!

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