Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

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Hey, Friends! Please excuse the silence over here on the blog last week. Our computer died and we had to wait for a new part to come. But, all is well now and I'm stoked to get to blog again!

Are you guys starting to purchase Christmas gifts yet? Do you get stumped with what to get for the men in your life? I have just the thing for you--a holiday gift guide geared at the men! This post was supposed to go up last week, but due to the computer problems, I had to wait to finish it up. Thankfully, though, it's up just in the nick of time before the Black Friday deals come out! Whew! :)

My husband helped me curate this list of items for you. He personally owns and loves every single item on this list! They're tried and true favorites!

1) Tape Measure*- Jeremy has two requirements for a tape measure-- it has to have rubber grips and it needs to have the easy read measurements. This one fits the bill!

2) Flex Ratchet Screwdriver*- Jeremy's dad had such a knack for rummaging through our garage and figuring out what tools Jeremy was missing or would enjoy using. He gave Jeremy a flex ratcheting screwdriver a few years ago and Jeremy has really loved it! You just attach any drill bit to the end and suddenly screwing and unscrewing becomes way faster and easier!

3) Dominion*- Our good friends introduced us to this game a couple years ago and it became a fast favorite! We love playing it with friends, but it's also a great two player game! It's one of Jeremy and I's favorite things to do together after the kids go to bed and a great alternative to watching TVsince our tastes in TV shows are polar opposites! Ha!

4* & 5*) Jeremy loves to play video games and has really been loving Destiny and Elder Scrolls Online! If you have a gamer in your life, check out these games!

6) Gaming Headset*- Speaking of video games, Jeremy finally broke down and bought a nice set of gaming headphones. They are surround sound and have a mic for chatting with other players. He loves the sound quality and how light they are on his head!

7) Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard- Jeremy spends most of his workdays on a computer, so a good ergonomic keyboard was critical for him! He's tried a couple different ones, but this one is his tried and true favorite!

8) Mechanics Gloves*- I bought these gloves for Jeremy the first year we were married and he was having to do car repairs in a scalding hot apartment complex parking lot. He loved having them for mechanic use, but they have become his trusty gloves for so much more! He uses them when doing carpentry work, yard work, car work, etc. Basically, if he's working outside, you can almost bet that he's got these babies on!

Hope this list helps shopping for the men in your life a little easier this Christmas!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

One Room Challenge: Bathroom Reveal

I'm so excited for today because it's finally REVEAL DAY for the One Room Challenge! Wahoo! You can catch up on our bathroom remodel here: Week 1Week 2Week 3, Week 4, and Week 5!

As a refresher, here's the 90's builder grade bathroom we started with:

Here's where we are now! I still can't get over the difference! HUGE shoutout to my hubby who worked like crazy on this bathroom! He's the best!

The new espresso vanity and bright white sink make everything look so fresh and crisp compared to that old honey colored vanity and yellowed sink! 

We said buh-bye to the old two toned towel ring by spray painting it oil rubbed bronze to match the fixtures. 

I love that the new vanity has legs. It makes it feel more like a piece of furniture instead of a plain stock cabinet. The bottom is actually a drawer that pulls out for added storage! 

The faucet looks so cool in here! It's such a great addition and adds some interest to the space. 

We love the way the water comes out! Isn't it fun?

The mirror is probably my favorite thing in the room! Isn't it gorgeous? I found it at Home Goods and snatched it up faster than you can say "Who's your Mama!"

For days after we hung up the mirror, I'd see it and immediately start singing Iggy's "Fancy" and dancing around. Haha! My husband is used to my antics. ;) 

I also found this frame at Home Goods for the artwork I made and thought it complimented the mirror perfectly. 

I still can't believe this light was only $25! Such a steal!

I have had my eye on this shower curtain from Target for years now. I love how fresh and clean it is while still adding a bit of color. 

Here's a shot of our new floors and toilet. The new laminate floors are so.much.better than the old, cracked tile we had before! And, check it out, we have real baseboards now instead of dated tile lining the walls! The floor truly transforms the space!

Here's all that we accomplished!

-Demo tile baseboards
-Rip out vanity, toilet, light, fixtures, and mirror.
-Install new flooring.
-Replace baseboards. 
-Install new light. 
-Install new vanity and sink. 
-Install new faucet and fixtures. 
-Install new toilet. 
-Remove blinds and frost window.
-Fill nail holes in baseboards.

The only thing we didn't get to check off of our list was frosting the window. We are waiting until a day that we will be out of the house for a while, since the spray window frost is really strong. But, other than that, we were able to finish everything and cross this room off our list! We are SO happy with how it came out! I may or may not open the door just to a catch a glimpse of it every now and then. And I may or may not have done a giddy victory dance on the step stool as I was taking these pictures. ;)


Light, vanity, floors- Home Depot
Mirror, frame- Home Goods
Faucet, toilet- Lowes
Soap pump, vase (actually just a clear cup!), rug, shower curtain- Target
Shower curtain rod and rings- Walmart
Trash can, toilet paper holder- Marshalls 
Towel- Kirklands

(You can't see the trash can or the toilet paper holder in the pictures, but I had to include them in the source list because they were way cheaper at Marshalls than anywhere else. Be sure to check there if you're in the market for those items!)

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Easy Kids Thanksgiving Craft

Hey, Friends! I've joined up with my blogger friends to bring you all some fresh, new Thanksgiving crafts! Be sure to check out all their awesome projects at the end of this post and join in to our #homeforthefallidays Instagram game each week! 

I did a quick and easy Thanksgiving plate that you can whip up with your kids. I love making things with my kids that can double as decor, don't you?

I've made a decorative Christmas plate with both of my kids and love displaying them each year, so thought I'd make a Thankgiving version this year. I've had this cute little turkey pinned for a long time now, so decided to paint a similar one on a plate using my kid's fingerprints as the feathers. 

I found this cute plate at Home Goods for a couple dollars and love that I can string ribbon around the edge! To create the turkey, I simply had my kids paint an arch with their fingerprints, let it dry, then repeated using the next color.  

After all three rows of feathers were dry, I painted on the turkey body and used paint pens to draw in details and lettering on my plate, sealing it all off with Mod Podge. SO simple and I love that my kids helped me make it!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One Room Challenge: Installation

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Hey, Friends! My brain is fried and I'm holding my eyes open with toothpicks at the moment. How is it only Wednesday?! Ha!

It's already Week 5 of the One Room Challenge! If you need to catch up, here's a recap of Week 1Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4! This week is all about installation and you can finally see the bathroom starting to come together and look like a real, operational bathroom instead of a construction zone! Wahoo!

With the painting, flooring, lighting, and baseboards in, we were finally able to get to installing the big stuff! The first thing to be installed was our $50 vanity. Yes, you read that correctly! We came across this vanity/sink combo on clearance for only $50 about a year ago at Home Depot and immediately scooped it up. We weren't ready to do the bathroom makeover just yet, so we stored it unopened under the house until our finances allowed us to tackle the bathroom remodel. It was SO exciting to pull the vanity out and get to use it!

I really like the clean lines of the vanity and the sink is sleek. The vanity has legs at the bottom, so it has more of a stand alone furniture vibe than just a regular stock cabinet. It has an espresso finish, but it is hard to tell in these pictures. Boo. :( Espresso wasn't my first choice for color, but it was so cheap that I figured if I didn't like it as is, I could paint it. Lucky for me, I like the espresso and don't need to paint.

After the vanity was installed, we got to work on the faucet. And by "we" I mean "he". I was busy chasing kids and cooking dinner, so Jeremy had to solo the installations. I owe him some fried chicken and fresh cookies, for sure!

I was planning to just purchase an inexpensive bronze faucet to try to keep our costs down. Jeremy has had his heart set on certain faucet for years, though, so decided to shell out the extra money from his saved spending money to upgrade the faucet. Since he was using his saved money, I let him do the faucet shopping. He knocked it out of the park! How cool is this faucet?!

It makes me want to play in the water! Haha! Here's Jeremy testing it out!

After the vanity was squared away, Jeremy got to work on installing the new toilet. I had my heart set on this* toilet (why in the world do I have such a strong opinion on toilets?!), but it was too expensive. We weren't originally planning on replacing the toilet at all, so we just couldn't justify the extra expense just to have a classier throne. Instead, we picked up this budget friendly model and have been happy with it so far. Our old one did not work well and the bolts were completely rusted through, so it is a great upgrade!

This was our first time replacing an entire toilet, so it was a new experience. But, it went without hitch and now we happily have an operational downstairs bathroom!

Here's where we are on our list! Get ready for the big reveal next week! I'm thrilled to finally get to show you all the pretty parts!!!

-Demo tile baseboards
-Rip out vanity, toilet, light, fixtures, and mirror.
-Install new flooring.
-Replace baseboards. 
-Install new light. 
-Install new vanity and sink. 
-Install new faucet and fixtures. 
-Install new toilet. 
-Decorate (I'll show you that next week!)
-Remove blinds and frost window.
-Fill nail holes in baseboards.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Quick Tip: How to Remove Fabric Pilling from Upholstery

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Hey, Friends! Happy November! I can't believe we're about to be in full swing holiday mode! I have a Thanksgiving project as well as a couple Christmas projects coming your way soon!

Before all the holiday madness starts, I wanted to share a quick tip with you! You may remember that we have been slowly redoing our living room (See all of our living room projects here) and purchased a new sectional a year and a half ago. The original sectional pilled like crazy and the fabric slipped down on the cushions after only a couple months, so we exchanged our sectional for a different sectional.

The new one is much nicer and more comfortable, but it's doing that blasted pilling thing again and it's driving me bonkers! We've never had trouble with any of our furniture pilling until our sectional adventures. Not impressed. Getting our sectional exchanged took months and was a giant hassle. We really didn't want to go down that road again, especially since, unlike last time, nothing else was wrong with the sectional.

I made it my mission to figure out how to remove the pilling and have finally found the key! Introducing a fabric shaver! I saw one at The Container Store, but it was tiny and expensive. Thankfully, Amazon had one for only $12.99, so I decided to give it a try. Here's the exact one I bought*: Conair Battery Operated Fabric Defuzzer - Shaver

People, it is the BEST! I used gentle, slow, back and forth motions over the cushions on the highest setting and it did the job! The sectional had a year's worth of pilling collected on it, so I had to do a couple passes to get every last bit of pilling off. Still, it only took me about 20 minutes to do our entire sectional. Check it out! See all that nasty, nubby pilling?

Now, look how soft and smooth our couch is again! Good as new!

And a little before and after action for you-- the cushion on the right is finished and the cushion on the left is anxiously awaiting its makeover. ;) 

Pretty awesome, right? I'm so happy to have my soft couch back! Now that I have the fabric shaver, I can just go over any rough spots as they pop up! 

I read a lot of reviews saying that the fabric shaver saved sweaters and other materials and I'm itching to try it out on some of my clothes. Just be sure to test in an inconspicuous area and keep the fabric pulled taut!

I'll be back Thursday with another bathroom update! I can't wait to show you the faucet my hubby picked out!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

One Room Challenge: Flooring and Lighting

Hey, Friends! Hope you all are having a great week! I'm back for week number 4 of the One Room Challenge! If you need to catch up, here's a recap of Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3

This week, I'm sharing all about the floors and light! Our tile floors were 4 inch beige tiles with white grout and had seen better days. They were cracked in two places that spanned multiple tiles and the grout was dingy after years of use. Since we didn't have the budget or time to gut the tiles and install new tile, we decided to go with the Allure vinyl planks. They were easy on the wallet and could be floated over the top of the old tile. 

First we had to solve the issue of having only subflooring underneath where the vanity used to sit, though. We couldn't float new flooring over it without patching the subfloor first, or the floors wouldn't be level. 

We found a box of 4 inch tiles in the crawl space that were nearly identical to our floor tiles. We're not sure what the story is with the box of tile--it was left behind by the previous owner. But, they were the exact size of the existing floor tiles, so we were able to use them to patch the bare spot in the floor. We bought a couple subway tiles to fill the leftover gap and completely avoided the need to cut any tiles! 

Here's the floors, all patched up. It looks crazy because the colors don't match, but remember, this was just to patch and level out the floors so we could float the new planks on top. 

Side tirade-- I'm the worst at progress pictures! It's so hard to take time out of working to snap decent photos. I usually just quickly snap a picture with my phone and keep working, then kick myself later when the photos are sub par. I'll work on that. ;)

After the floor was patched, Jeremy was able to install the new vinyl planks. We loved that there was no adhesive to mess with! The planks are really thick, though, so cutting them with a utility knife like the directions suggested was pretty laughable. Jeremy ended up cutting them with his table saw for the straight cuts and his jigsaw with a laminate blade attached for precision cuts. That worked really well! The initial row was tricky, because he had to make precise cuts around the shower tile which went to the floor and the marble threshold, but once he got through that row, the process went much faster and easier. 

Once the floors were in, Jeremy installed new baseboards and quarter round to match the rest of the house. I can't tell you how much better it looks now than it did with the dated tile baseboards! Our house suddenly feels newer--it's like Botox for homes. ;)

We also installed a new lighting fixture! Our entire downstairs has all bronze fixtures, so we decided to carry the bronze into the bathroom. I found this Hampton Bay light at Home Depot for only $25 and was immediately sold. It may not be the fanciest or trendiest, but it has nice, clean lines and makes the bathroom look so fresh without breaking the bank!

I promise to get a better shot of the light when I reveal the bathroom!

To bring you up to date, here's our to-do list and what I've shown you so far:

-Demo tile baseboards
-Rip out vanity, toilet, light, fixtures, and mirror.
-Install new flooring.
-Replace baseboards. 
-Install new light. 
-Install new vanity and sink. 
-Install new faucet and fixtures. 
-Install new toilet. 
-Remove blinds and frost window.

I mentioned last week that we were actually farther along than this list shows because we were hosting a party and were trying to get the bathroom ready in time. Well, we made it and our guests had a bathroom to use! Whew! We are finished except for filling some nail holes in the baseboards and smoothing out a spot on the wall! I'm dying to show you the rest! Next week, I'll share all the vanity, faucet, and toilet installations and you'll really see it coming together!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Inspired + Resourceful Vignette Challenge

A couple months ago, I was watching Shonee from Hawthorne and Main on Periscope. She's a Periscope rockstar, by the way!  In her video, she collected items from around her mom's house and used them to pull together a vignette. I left really inspired and empowered to be able to make a pretty display for my house, too, with items that I already have lying around.

I asked Shonee and a few other bloggers that I love if they'd be up for doing a vignette challenge and they were game! The rules were simple--create a vignette using items from around the house. Pick and choose items in the vignette from this list: books, natural item, textured item, pumpkin, vase/basket/cylindrical item, textile, something with text, something sentimental.

Here's the pile of things that I rounded up from around my house! Other than my carved bowl full of pumpkins, I hadn't decorated my dining room for fall yet this year. I decided to pull together my vignette for the dining room.

I started by laying the towel in my favorite basket tray. I knew I wanted the big vase on one side, so put a stack of plates on the other side to balance things out.

Next, I added a candle and some fall leaves to the vase, then placed the extra candle and pumpkin next to it. I wasn't too thrilled with how low the candle and the pumpkin were sitting inside the basket, so I put a spare napkin ring and the extra chalkboard tags underneath them to build them up. Now you know my tricks. ;)

Here's how it turned out! I love how cozy it makes the room feel!

I love the addition of the fall dish towel! It's something I wouldn't have thought to include had it not been for this challenge! And don't get me started on that cute little pumpkin sitting on top of the stack of plates. Everything is better topped with a mini pumpkin, right?! ;)

A couple years ago, I bought a vase of forced tulip bulbs. I've been hanging onto the vase ever since because I figured it would come in handy. It was the perfect size to throw a candle and some fall leaves in! All I need to do is switch out the leaves for berries in a few weeks and I'll have a pretty decoration for Christmas!

For my text element, I remembered these chalkboard tags I found in the Target dollar spot and picked up for an organization project. The tag was the perfect size to wrap around my candle!

The great part of putting it all inside the tray is that I can move it around easily! I finally decided to make my vignette land on the teal cabinet and I love how it plays off the baskets inside.

I hope this encourages you to pull together items from your home to make something beautiful! Be sure to check out all the gorgeous vignettes and leave them some love!

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