Monday, March 16, 2015

Inspire Me Monday- Michaels Window Shopping

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I was not compensated by Michaels in any way for writing this post. Michaels has no idea who I am, except for the store employees who may have seen me both this morning and this afternoon. Doesn't everyone go to Michaels twice a day? Cough cough... ;)

Hey Friends! Hope you all had a great weekend! I recently popped into Michaels to grab a couple things and was completely sucked into their spring/summer decor aisles. There are some really cute things out right now! I was thoroughly impressed with the style of their decor. The one negative, though, is that much of it was ridiculously overpriced. So many of the items you could DIY for much cheaper, though!

I decided to snap some pictures so that you could window shop with me! These were all taken with my phone while wrangling two kids (Do I get some kind of trophy for that?! Ha!), so please excuse the poor quality pictures. ;)

I'm in love with the coastal/cottage vibe going on in their decor! It's right up my alley! That rope frame and rope mirror would be an easy and inexpensive DIY!
More coastal inspired decor. I swooned over it all, especially that clock! 
Wouldn't these be easy DIY projects? And check out the price tags! $24.99 for a painted piece of wood with random knobs and hooks? $14.99 for a can with a chalkboard label and a fake plant? Adorable, but ridiculously overpriced! You could make these for a fraction of their prices. Sorry Michaels. 
I loved all of their glass bottles and jars mixed with rope. Another easy DIY! Reminds me of this post I saw recently on how to make a knotted rope jar. And that starburst mirror? Love that!
They have a TON of chalkboard items. Tons and tons and all adorable!
And last, but not least, they also had a great assortment of message and bulletin boards. I love that they all have hooks for extra storage. 
Were you sucked into Michael's spring display, too? What were your favorite things? Hope you enjoyed window shopping with me!


  1. And when were you going to swing down to Louisiana and do all the Michael's/Hobby Lobby shopping, then decorating at my house, hmm?????

    1. Ahhh, if only! That would be so fun! If you ever want me to make you a mood board or help you out with something, let me know!

  2. We don't have a Michaels nearby, but I stopped in one last week while out of town on spring and was there forever looking at all the new stuff you posted above.


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