Friday, August 8, 2014

Making an Entrance

I realized that I never finished showing you all our entryway! Way back in January, I mentioned that we had ordered an entry table. But, then I did the whole give birth thing and got sidetracked and forgot to show you how it all turned out. ;) So without further ado... our entryway!
I've been playing with different things in this corner since we moved in two years ago. I tried a plant, but it died. I don't think it got enough light. That, or it died because I never watered it. Who knows? :) I also tried my great grandmother's antique end table, but the height was all wrong. So, I ended up purchasing this end table from and absolutely love it! It's the perfect size for this small corner! It's not too wide or deep, but it has a little more height to it than an end table.
I found the mirror last year at Target. The new end table happened to be the exact same rustic gray color!
I love the way it all turned out!
Update--We found a rug! :)


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