Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Art of Simplicity

In a world of Pinterest, glossy magazines, and blogs galore, it's easy to feel like every project you do should be perfect and "pin worthy". However, sometimes the simplest projects are the ones that bring the biggest smiles.
I was planning on building a giant bulletin board or frames to display the kids' artwork over the desk in the playroom. But, as you may have read, our lives have been upside down this year between having a baby and losing Jeremy's dad. We are weary and just trying to keep our heads above water. I decided instead of building a fancy artwork display, to simply string up a piece of bakers twine to hang Little One's creations. I gave him some clothespins to paint, then used them to hang his artwork. Simple. Free. Love.
Little Man has already filled all the vacant spots. He's so proud!
Sometimes the simplest projects are the perfect touches that make your house comfortable and feel like home.

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