Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday

1.) We've been snowed in again this week. I'm itching to get out of the house! But, I'm thankful we had a good snow for the kids to play in. Plus, doesn't our crepe myrtle look really cool?
2.) Picky Palate's recipe for Cheesy Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole is amazing! To make it faster (you know, since I have children tugging at me while I'm cooking), I use rotisserie chicken, some pre-chopped veggies, and 90 second rice pouches. Yum!

3.) The whole white and gold dress debate is out of control. Just sayin'. The picture screams, "Adjust my white balance!" to me. There's no way I see black and blue.

4.) I decided that since I'm done with my dining room gallery wall, I might as well start a new gallery wall on another wall in my house. It's a sickness, I tell ya. I posted a sneak peek over on my Instagram.

5.) Did you notice I added social media buttons on the upper right? You can now find me easier on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Happy Weekend!

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