Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Living Room Makeover: Couch Redo

OH MY WORD, FRIENDS! I know I'm totally internet shouting, but have you heard that the Patriots won the Super Bowl? Because if not, let me tell you, WE WON!!!!! I'm really, REALLY, really excited! Can you tell? ;) And, gotta love that Brady gave Butler his MVP truck!
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Ok, moving on (Just know I'm still thinking about our big win. Ha!) to discuss our living room couch saga. Remember way back in May when I showed you our new sectional? Perfect fit? Yes. Perfect couch? No...
After only a month, we noticed that the fabric was piling in a couple spots. We kept an eye on it, and before long, the fabric was piling all over the place. It was really strange! It started as a really soft microfiber and ended up rough and bumpy. I've never seen or heard of microfiber doing that before.

We went back to Haverty's and they let us exchange the couch. I'll spare you all the details, but our exchange didn't go as planned and last fall we ended up starting from scratch. Our sales associate was super helpful and kind through the entire process. The manager profusely apologized for our troubles and gave us a significant discount toward whatever replacement couch we wanted.
Haverty's had just come out with the Corey sectional and we loved it! It is a higher quality, slightly larger version of the Amalfi couch we originally purchased. I love that it's the same style, just better fabric and more stuffed. It's super comfy! We decided to go with the Corey sectional in the Pearl color. Because of the discount, we got it for the same sale price we had paid for the Amalfi. Yay!
It was delivered last week and so far it is wonderful! There is such a marked difference in the quality! We are incredibly thankful that Haverty's worked with us so well and really strived to correct the problem. We love the new sectional and think it's going to work out wonderfully!
(The colors are weird in this picture because it's from my phone, but it's the only way I could get the entire couch into the picture. I really need a wide angle lens!)

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  1. Just found you doing a search for the Corey Sectional. So glad you like it! We just ordered ours yesterday!


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