Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Messy Mc Messerton

Every now and then, Hubby and I will get a bunch of great project ideas and unintentionally end up with a million projects going on at the same time. Yup, it's one of those times right now. You should see our garage. We've been giving something large a makeover, something little a makeover, scored something great on craigslist, and are doing a massive closet swap/reorganization. Details on them all are coming soon, of course. Here's a glimpse into the closet projects, straight from my phone.

Hubby + Plywood + Power Tools = Stud Muffin 

Some of Hubby's handiwork. So thankful he jumps on my bandwagons and willingly builds me things. I love that man and am thankful he enjoys home projects. 

This is what happens when you dump the entire contents of multiple closets into one room so you can reorganize. Keeping it real, folks. And there's a lot more stuff behind where I was standing to snap this picture. 

One closet is just about done with the building phase, so after the paint and caulk dry, I'll be able to load it back up and take some after pictures for you. But until then, I'm shutting the guest room door and pretending the mess doesn't exist...and trying not to develop a twitch from the crazy state of our house. Ha!

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