Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dining Room Progress: Curtains + Storage

We've been slowing chugging along in the dining room, trying to make some progress. Our kitchen does not have an official pantry, so storage was becoming quite an issue. We have been wanting to get a buffet for the dining room, but decided to get a small cabinet instead to hold food and act as an unofficial pantry. Funny how one room's organizational progress spills into the next room, right?

We found this adorable teal cabinet at Target and decided to use our Christmas cash to purchase it. I absolutely love it and think it adds such a fun pop of color. And I can't even tell you how much function it has added to our kitchen! We were able to clear three shelves of food out of the kitchen cabinets and put it all in the new teal cabinet. It makes things so much easier to find and organize! Yay!

Another update we recently did was hang the curtains my mom bought and altered for our Christmas present. I love that the teal leaves match the cabinet and help tie the colors together. Before we hung the curtains, you could see right into our house, even with the roman shades closed, so they were a necessity. Mom found out which curtains I had my eye on (I totally copied her curtains!) and bought them, then cut each panel in half and hemmed them just like we did in the living room. Then, surprise, Merry Christmas to us! :) I like that the skinnier panels keep everything light and airy and not too formal.

Our dining room is shaping up, but we still have a couple more things to do in here before we'll consider it "done". Here's what's left on our list. When we'll get to it is another story. Haha

-Lengthen curtains
-Replace lighting
-Paint walls
-Install board and batten treatment. I'm really loving this style, painted in a crisp white.
-Add more wall decor--I'm thinking some fun artwork and photos in white gallery frames.

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