Tuesday, April 2, 2013

For My Hubby

Today is a special day for my husband and I. Exactly 10 years ago today, my hubby asked me out. Two and a half years of dating, a year and eight month engagement, and almost six years of marriage later, here we are! I am so incredibly thankful for the gift of my husband and couldn't have imagined a better 10 years. I look at him and marvel that he married me...and he says he knew how crazy I am before we got married. Haha! I still get excited when he calls me and watch the clock waiting in anticipation of him getting home at night. I'm totally head over heels for that man! So, allow me to be super sappy and tell you 10 of the million reasons why I love that man.

Our first date was Jeremy's senior prom. 

He loves Jesus. I'm so thankful to have such a Godly man for a husband. Before we were even dating, he was pointing me to Jesus and helping me grow in understanding and knowledge of God. When we first got married, he diligently searched for a gospel centered church for us to be a part of and I'm so thankful for our amazing church family! He consistently leads our family in devotions. Through the years, God has used him in so many ways to grow my faith. I'm so thankful for his leadership and for the way he displays Christ through the every day.

This was a few months after we met. I had a huge crush on him, hence the gigantic smile. That is if you can even see my face past all that hair. Hey, we lived in Florida, land of humidity...and the hair straightener hadn't come out yet. Geesh.

He's willing to talk it out. We are both talkers and are known to stay up till all hours of the night just talking with each other. I love that when we have a disagreement, he doesn't grow quiet, but is willing to talk out the hard things with me. Of course, it means staying up even later at night (haha!), but I'm thankful that he is so willing to talk and work through things together.

Us in college hanging out between classes. 

He's just plain funny. I love how much he makes me laugh. I blame him for the crows feet around my eyes, because he keeps me laughing. He has such an unexpected, witty humor that he can whip out on a moment's notice. Even after ten years, his dry humor still catches me off guard and makes me laugh until my sides hurt.

See what I mean? At first glance, you think I'm the crazy one, but then you realize Jeremy is instigating it all!

He's Dr. Hunky. And yes, that was a Reba reference. I may be slightly obsessed with that show. Ha! Anyway, he is incredibly handsome! I love the masculine lines of his face and how when he's being mischievous, is about to win a game, or is trying to get out of trouble, a dimple emerges on his face. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. Jeremy, please don't kill me for publicly talking about your adorable dimple. ;)


Amazing daddy. He is an amazing daddy. He adores our little man and is such a thoughtful and fun daddy. My heart explodes with love when I watch him play with Little One and chase him around the house, making him laugh until he's cackling. He takes time to listen and really know and understand Little One and cares for him in such thoughtful ways.

Fall 2007

Faithful. He follows through on his word. He faithfully serves our family and our church. And he makes me feel like the only girl in the world. I so appreciate that every.single.time there is a scantily clad women on tv or ads, he is always looking away. I didn't ask him to do that! He's just always done that. Even when he thinks I'm not looking or that I can't see him, he's looking away. I love how much it displays his faithfulness to me.

For our first anniversary, he surprised me with a photo session by our friend, Kristin. I still LOVE these photos and have them plastered all around our house. :) 

Hard worker. There is not a lazy, procrastinating bone in his body. He is so good at planning how to use his time to get things done. He works like crazy at work, then works like crazy on school, and still makes it a point to have family time with us and keep our family a priority. He loves building things and working in the yard. He likes to be all hot and sweaty working outside in the summertime. I totally don't get that last one. ;)

Thanksgiving 2008

Thoughtful. He is incredibly thoughtful. He looks around for things to do to help me out like loading the dishwasher or throwing in a load of laundry. He makes me tea because he knows I hate doing it. He asks about my family. He takes time to listen about my day. He gives the most crazy thoughtful presents ever. Know what he gave me the first Christmas we were together? He wrote out a Bible verse for every single day of the year on index cards and put them all in a box for me to read throughout the next year. Seriously, 365 of them. Amazing.

Expecting our little man. Thanks for the photo, Charity!

Enjoys life. I tend to have a one track mind. If I'm in the middle of something, it's hard for me to stop the busy and take time to sniff the flowers, if you know what I mean. I love that Jeremy will stop me in the middle of my busiest moments just to give me a hug or a kiss. I love that he randomly puts on Truly, Madly, Deeply and dances with me in the living room. And I love all the random games he comes up with to make the mundane become completely fun...like having a contest to see who can make more sock balls into the laundry hamper from across the room. So fun and ridiculously simple. Try it peeps.

Fall 2011  Thanks for the photo, Adrienne! 

Opposites Attract. I really love that we are opposites. I'm uptight, he's more relaxed. I'm hyper, he's calm. I'm fiery, he's patient. I dive in head first, he's a thinker. He mellows me out so much.

February 2013--This was right after he passed his dissertation defense! 

I'm so thankful for you, Babe, and so glad you're mine! I love you!

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