Sunday, October 5, 2014

Back Door Fall Wreath

For Day Five of the 31 Day Challenge, I made a wreath for our back door. I started to make a wreath for this door two years ago. I was going to make more of the flowers from my spring wreath and attach them to a yarn covered pool noodle like Bower Power did. I duct tapped my pool noodle and covered it in yarn, but I must have had too cheap of duct tape, because it didn't hold and split apart. And, like so many things, I got distracted and never got back to making another wreath for the back door. Sigh.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a fall garland to put around the candlesticks and clock on our fall fireplace, but of course, after I cut it up, I decided I hated how it looked up there. Since I had cut it up, there was no returning it. Boo. I decided to make the best of the situation and use it to make a fall wreath for our back door. It's not as colorful as I normally would have picked for the door, but it is really nice to have something festive on this door!
I made the whole thing with items I already had and repurposed: a twig wreath I picked up for a couple dollars at Michael's that was intended for a summer wreath that I never got time to make, the garland that was intended for the fireplace, some berries I picked off of an old leaf garland that I have in the garage sale pile, and a jute wrapped "M" that I made out of cardboard from a diaper box and jute that I found in the dollar section at Target a week or two ago. I just knew I'd find a use for the jute! :)
Now I have less clutter and a new fall wreath! Hooray!


  1. It looks beautiful - great job! I just made my fall wreath tonight and I think I need to redo my "M" from last year with the Target jute you found. If only I had picked some up when we were there. It looks like I need to make a Target run with you! - Amy

    1. I can't wait to see yours! I know it's awesome! I have a spool of the darker jute still, so if we can't find it at Target, you can have mine! Love our Target runs!


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