Monday, February 25, 2013

Springing up the Front Door

I know it's not technically spring yet, but I'm pretending, ok? I ditched our Christmas/winter wreath and the door has been naked ever since, screaming for a new wreath. After searching Pinterest for inspiration, I mashed a couple ideas together to come up with my wreath. I gotta say, I pretty much love how my new wreath turned out and keep opening the door to look at it. That's not weird at all, right? ;)
Please excuse all the weird angles. I had to crouch and shoot from the side to avoid being in the reflection of the glass. I promise my doors are straight. Haha!
I wanted something with some color, but had a really hard time finding something that matched our coral colored door. I tried to bring in some blue with blue felt flowers, but the shade of blue felt I had bought just didn't jive well with the coral door. My inspiration was this gorgeous wreath with coral, peach, and ivory felt flowers that I found through Pinterest, but I could not find any coral or peach colored felt anywhere local. On a whim, I stopped at an upholstery fabric outlet close to my home to see if they carried felt. No luck in the felt department, but I found a large bin of fabric samples for $.50-$1.50! I found 4 fabrics that had various shades of coral and ivory in them and snatched them up for $4 total. Score for cheap! I picked up some ivory felt and a grapevine wreath at the craft store and was ready to go.
I started by making a few ivory felt flowers. I used Paper & Stitch's tutorial to make felt looped flowers and wavy rosettes. Then, I used Bower Power's tutorial to make flowers out of my fabric samples. Because my fabric was thick upholstery fabric, it was a little trickier to get it to stay together. I used dabs of hot glue every couple of twists to keep it all together and to finish off my flowers. I added a pearl to the center of each fabric flower, just for fun. :)
To finish up, I just hot glued my flowers onto my wreath and hung it up! Really, this project was very easy, inexpensive, and not too terribly time consuming. Here's the cost break down:

2 sheets ivory felt--$.75
Fabric samples--$4
Grapevine wreath--$3 (I used a 40% off coupon)
Pearls--free since I had them on hand already

Total Cost: $7.75

I'm planning to make a similar wreath for the back door with the rest of the fabric scraps. I'm going to use a different wreath style, though, to change it up a bit. I'll update when I get it done! Are you ready for spring? What things are you doing to add color to your home these days?

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  1. What a beautiful wreath! I have been searching Pinterest for inspiration for an "after Christmas" wreath, but haven't found much. This one is perfect. I know what I'm making this weekend :)

  2. Very cute! Complements the color of your door nicely too. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! Great post! Your skill is uncanny!

    Fsahion for Beauty

  4. Visiting from YHL! I love the colours you used!! The wreath is gorgeous. I have a blank grapevine wreath just waiting to be jazzed up. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love this wreath! I've been wanting to do one of these for a while and this is just the motivation I needed!


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