Sunday, October 5, 2014

What a Little Elbow Grease Can Do

Happy Weekend, Everyone! Stopping in really quick with Day Four of the 31 Days Challenge where we try to tackle one project a day and mark items off of our to do list. We actually worked on two different things from our list yesterday! I made a wreath that I'll share later and Jeremy and Little Man scrubbed the front porch rails!

We usually do a spring and a fall cleaning, but we missed our spring cleaning due to our lives being upside down after losing Jeremy's dad and needing to make several trips to see family. Now, we're trying to catch up and get things back in order!

Here's how the rails were looking before their scrub. Pretty grimy.
Jeremy washed all the porch furniture the other day, so today he finished the front porch cleaning by scrubbing all of the rails. He pressure washes our house every year, but he can't pressure wash the rails because the paint will just fly off under the force of the water. He made a bucket of soapy water using blue Dawn and he and Little Man went to town scrubbing the rails with a sponge. Look at the difference between the dirty bar on on the left and the clean one on the right! Ew and yay all at the same time. :p
SO much better!
We are happy to have our porch clean once again! Catch up on our Southern Style Porch makeover we did last year!
I'll be back later with the wreath I made for our back door!

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