Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Part One

We're to the one week mark of the 31 Day Challenge! For the challenge, I try to tackle an unfinished project every day. Yay for making it a whole week! 

For Day Seven, I decided to finally tackle making a mirror for our bedroom! I've been planning to make a starburst mirror for above our dresser for two years. Two years! *hangs head in shame* 

The space on the wall above the dresser needs something, but another picture frame would be too many rectangles mixed with all the straight lines of our bedroom furniture. I really wanted something round, so decided a starburst mirror would be perfect. I really like the chunkier mirrors, but our bedroom furniture is dark wood, so something chunky on the wall would be too much. In the end, I realized a slimmer mirror would look best here. 

I won't bore you with a tutorial because there are a bunch of starburst mirror tutorials on Pinterest. I roughly went by this one that uses skewers for the spokes. I did not use a template because our printer is a pain to use, but it really would have saved me a lot of trouble. So, don't be like me! Use the template! 

Here are my in progress phone pictures: the 16 longest length skewers in place first, then the shortest ones in place second, then filling it all in. 
 And here it is all assembled!
I just need to paint it, attach a picture hanger to the back, and hang this bad boy up! I'm hoping to finish it up tomorrow, so check back to see the final project!

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  1. Wow! This came out beautifully!! Now I'm looking around my house to see where I might hang my own ;)


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