Monday, August 26, 2013

Target Clearance Alert

I had to run to Target for a couple things today (which always ends up being a dozen things, haha) and did a happy dance when I saw their adorable Threshold kitchen items freshly marked down on clearance!

I've been eyeing these canisters for weeks, but just couldn't bring myself to pay full price even though I love love loved them. But today, they were 50% off! Holla!!!
Don't they just add such a nice touch of happy to my counter? I'm going to put coffee in one and sugar in the other to make a nice little coffee station.

There was a bunch of other kitchen items on clearance as well, including the adorable Threshold color dipped baskets. I was this close to buying one of those, too, but then remembered we're on a budget. Duh, Sam. ;)
So, if you've been eyeing any kitchen items at Target, hurry in and scoop up some great clearance deals! Again, I'm not being paid or perked for writing this, just another nerdy decorator moment. :)

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