Friday, August 30, 2013

Board and Batten Installation- Real Time Blogging: Day 1

I have three blog posts in the works right now, but am going to take a break from my typical blogging to do something a little different. Usually, I show you a room or project from start to finish all in one post. But, Jen over at IHeart Organizing inspired me with her bathroom remodel series to do a real time blog series documenting us installing the board and batten in Little Girl's room. It'll give you a better sense of how projects go, how long they actually take, the giant mess they actually make, what troubles we run into, and the fun of getting it done!

My hubby has a nice, long weekend for Labor Day, so we decided this would be the perfect weekend to tackle the board and batten for Little Girl's room. Too bad I forgot to take a before picture. :( But, here it is after Jeremy removed the baseboards and taped the room so he could prime.

I love these windows!

Jeremy has been putting in 11 hour days at work lately, so he hasn't had much time to do projects. To prep for the board and batten, he worked on Little Girl's room for 10 minutes a night, just to keep moving. Over the course of a week, he finished taping and over the course of the next week, was able to rip off all of the baseboards.

Construction phase started today! Jeremy started off by sanding down the paint line where the wall paint and the baseboards used to meet. It was just enough of a bump that he was afraid the new baseboards wouldn't lay flush against the wall, so he just went over the area with his orbit sander.

After he wiped the dust off the walls from the sander, he started priming the walls to make sure all of the existing green was covered. Here it is all primed! Excuse the phone pictures sprinkled into this post, but I don't have a wide angle lens, so it's impossible to get a picture of the room that's not a close up with my regular camera.

Last step for today was heading to Home Depot to pick up all the lumber he needed for the board and batten. We purchased all pre-primed pine boards. The pre-primed pine boards were actually cheaper than the unfinished pine boards, so getting primed boards was a no brainer! Hooray for not having to prime all that wood and even more hoorays for it actually being the cheaper option! :)

Tomorrow, Jeremy will start installing boards! Stay tuned for more updates!

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