Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rooms to Go isofa

Have you seen Rooms to Go's new isofa? I'm ridiculously excited about it! You design your own couch by picking your style, color, and couch pillows! And have I mentioned it's actually affordable?! I'm stoked!

We've been planning to replace our couches in the spring and have been wanting an ivory or khaki colored couch. Problem is, the couch cushions are usually hideous that come with the couches and I'm not always in love with the fabric. But, now you can pick!

Here's what I have picked out. I'd just add some pillows with light green in them. Is it spring time yet?!

And, no, I'm not being compensated or perked for posting this. Rooms to Go has no idea who I am or that I posted this. I'm just a nerd and am excited about designing my own sofa...affordably! :)

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