Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Some News

Well, we finally spilled our big news to our friends and family, so now I can spill with you all! We are pregnant with a little girl!!!! We are super excited and expect her to make her big debut around New Year's.

So, if you've noticed how s-l-o-w it's been around this blog lately, now you know why. I have been sick and so far, still don't really feel much better. I'm getting a little bit of energy back, but not much. Enough to actually clean and cook a little, but that's about it. 

Hubby has been working his tail off getting the house ready. The new baby has us completely rearranging a couple rooms. Our current guest room will become the baby's room, so the guest bedroom furniture has to be moved over to the office. But, before we move everything, we wanted to paint the office since the existing paint was pretty nasty. Hubby just finished painting and has been reorganizing and purging everything in the office to get it ready to move the guest bedroom furniture into there. We sold a couple of bookshelves to make room for the guest bed, so our office will be a combined office/guest room when we're done. Making sense? :) Basically, it's crazy town up in here. 

After we get the guest room furniture out, we will be starting on the baby's room. I have some big plans for in there that I can't wait to get started on! Here's the initial plan of what we have up our sleeves: 

-First up, install board and batten on the walls. The baby's room has a short attic door, so I want to install board and batten because I love it and because it will help the short door blend in. We have something taller and simple in mind, like this from Centsational Girl.

-Paint the walls pink and purchase bedding. We're thinking a deeper shade of pink, not pastel pink. We are planning to use the Pottery Barn Penelope bedding. We LOVE it! We will probably only do the bumper, pillow sham, and possibly the quilt or sheets for money's sake. We purchased Little One's crib bumper and pillow sham from Pottery Barn and have been SO impressed by the quality. I have had to wash the bumper and pillow sham a million times and they hold up very well, not to mention how soft and plush they feel. Pottery Barn bedding is high quality and worth every penny! It's one of the few things I'm willing to splurge on.

Here's a picture of the bedding and the paint color we had in mind. It's a little bolder than I normally go for, but with the board and batten, only the top third of the walls will be pink making it less overwhelming.

-Install blackout roman shades. The old, curled vinyl shades in there now are awful! We're thinking of just doing plain, white blackout roman shades like these. Hopefully, I can find a similar but cheaper option!

-Hang floor to ceiling lightweight curtains to soften the windows. I'm thinking pink with tiny white polka dots or something. I love these, but they are a little heavier (and more expensive) than I want.

-Paint a branch with birds on it above the crib. We're thinking a simple branch that arches over the crib and has a few leaves and birds on it like the ones on the bedding. Nothing too fancy.

-Move Little One's (or I guess I need to rename him to Little Boy on the blog! And while we're naming, let's name the baby Little Girl. I'm SO original, I know!) crib and chair to the baby's room and purchase a dresser and rug. We will be posting the big things like the board and batten, tree, paint color, and curtains on the blog, but after that, we'll be saving the furniture and details for personal friends and family. Sorry internet friends, everyone has their own internet privacy and safety boundaries, and posting photos of our finished kids rooms is not in our comfort zone. It's just how we sleep at night. :)

Well, there's my baby brain dump! We are still working on Little Boy's bed rails, but hopefully we will have them up on here by the weekend. They are taking a bajillion coats of paint. Hubby did a really good job on them, though, and I can't wait to share them! 


  1. Woohooo!!! SO excited for y'all! Congratulations! Can't wait to see what you do with the room- I'm sure it'll be beautiful!


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