Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One Room Challenge: Installation

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Hey, Friends! My brain is fried and I'm holding my eyes open with toothpicks at the moment. How is it only Wednesday?! Ha!

It's already Week 5 of the One Room Challenge! If you need to catch up, here's a recap of Week 1Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4! This week is all about installation and you can finally see the bathroom starting to come together and look like a real, operational bathroom instead of a construction zone! Wahoo!

With the painting, flooring, lighting, and baseboards in, we were finally able to get to installing the big stuff! The first thing to be installed was our $50 vanity. Yes, you read that correctly! We came across this vanity/sink combo on clearance for only $50 about a year ago at Home Depot and immediately scooped it up. We weren't ready to do the bathroom makeover just yet, so we stored it unopened under the house until our finances allowed us to tackle the bathroom remodel. It was SO exciting to pull the vanity out and get to use it!

I really like the clean lines of the vanity and the sink is sleek. The vanity has legs at the bottom, so it has more of a stand alone furniture vibe than just a regular stock cabinet. It has an espresso finish, but it is hard to tell in these pictures. Boo. :( Espresso wasn't my first choice for color, but it was so cheap that I figured if I didn't like it as is, I could paint it. Lucky for me, I like the espresso and don't need to paint.

After the vanity was installed, we got to work on the faucet. And by "we" I mean "he". I was busy chasing kids and cooking dinner, so Jeremy had to solo the installations. I owe him some fried chicken and fresh cookies, for sure!

I was planning to just purchase an inexpensive bronze faucet to try to keep our costs down. Jeremy has had his heart set on certain faucet for years, though, so decided to shell out the extra money from his saved spending money to upgrade the faucet. Since he was using his saved money, I let him do the faucet shopping. He knocked it out of the park! How cool is this faucet?!

It makes me want to play in the water! Haha! Here's Jeremy testing it out!

After the vanity was squared away, Jeremy got to work on installing the new toilet. I had my heart set on this* toilet (why in the world do I have such a strong opinion on toilets?!), but it was too expensive. We weren't originally planning on replacing the toilet at all, so we just couldn't justify the extra expense just to have a classier throne. Instead, we picked up this budget friendly model and have been happy with it so far. Our old one did not work well and the bolts were completely rusted through, so it is a great upgrade!

This was our first time replacing an entire toilet, so it was a new experience. But, it went without hitch and now we happily have an operational downstairs bathroom!

Here's where we are on our list! Get ready for the big reveal next week! I'm thrilled to finally get to show you all the pretty parts!!!

-Demo tile baseboards
-Rip out vanity, toilet, light, fixtures, and mirror.
-Install new flooring.
-Replace baseboards. 
-Install new light. 
-Install new vanity and sink. 
-Install new faucet and fixtures. 
-Install new toilet. 
-Decorate (I'll show you that next week!)
-Remove blinds and frost window.
-Fill nail holes in baseboards.

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  1. Oh I love that faucet! I almost went with the same one but changed my mind at the last minute because my husband said he didn't like it. It looks so great in your bath! I love the colors you have used.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm loving following your bathroom makeover, too!

  2. looks awesome! We have a similar faucet in our bathroom and we love it!

  3. That is an awesome faucet and that's a great deal on the vanity! It's going to be great for you to have a fresh, new bathroom and it is going to be gorgeous!


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