Thursday, October 8, 2015

One Room Challenge: Budget Bathroom Makeover

Have you followed or participated in Calling it Home's One Room Challenges? They're so fun! In a nutshell, you have 6 weeks to makeover one space in your home, blogging updates on your progress once a week. I've followed along in the past, but never participated. But, that's about to change! Yup, I'm taking the challenge!

Boy, do I have the perfect candidate for a makeover--our downstairs bathroom! It's straight out of the 90's, folks. The tile is cracked, there's an outdated tile baseboard, builder basic wood vanity, very yellowed countertop/sink, two toned fixtures, and an awful paint job we inherited with the house. 

All we've done in here is hang a shower curtain and a hand towel and replace the warped vinyl roller shade with 2" blinds. We went all out, huh? 

Now that you've seen the before pictures, here's where we're headed! 

Here's our to-do list: 

-Paint the walls a light blue gray.

-Take care of the vanity. Plan A is to replace the vanity. As long as the tile extends underneath the existing vanity, we will be able to rip out the old vanity and install our new one which looks similar to the one pictured in my inspiration collage. Plan B is to paint the vanity. If the tile doesn't extend, we won't be able to install the new vanity because there would be exposed, bare floor under and around it. In that case, we will paint the existing vanity. 

-Replace lighting fixture. 

-Replace or paint towel ring and toilet paper holder. 

-Install new faucet. 

-Accessorize with new shower curtain, rug, towels, and colorful artwork. 

-If we can pop off the tile baseboards without damaging the floor, we will install new baseboards. 

I wish we could replace the tile floors and toilet, but that's not in the budget right now. So, we'll call this Phase 1 of the bathroom remodel. Eventually, for Phase 2, we will replace the tile and toilet and call it complete. The shower is original to the home, but it's in great shape and neutral, so thankfully we don't need to mess with that! 

Be sure to check in every Thursday to see our progress! What room in your house would you most like to makeover?

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  1. I'm so excited to follow along as you redecorate your bathroom! I'm doing a bathroom on a budget, too!

  2. Looking forward to following along with your bathroom makeover!!!

  3. SO excited to follow along Samantha! LOVE where you're going with things!

  4. I can totally relate. Your ideas look exciting! Anxious to see them become reality!

  5. Lovely idea board. I know it will look great. A nice big rug can really help a bad tile. Finding the right one for our budget laundry room made all the difference. Good luck! I'm working on a bathroom too!

  6. I can't wait to see how your bathroom turns out. I wish I took part in the one room challenge, just was not sure which room I could of made over lol. Thanks so much for sharing at The Creative Circle Link Party!

  7. I can't wait to see your whole bathroom makeover! So far I love your design board! Thank you for stopping by and linking up with us!


  8. Very cute! Love the art, especially!


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