Monday, August 18, 2014

A Big Ole List: 2014 Edition

I was thinking it was about time for an update to The Big Ole List I posted last year. When I pulled it up, I realized I posted that list almost exactly one year ago today. I was only 3 days off! Man, my internal calendar is good! ;)

I went through the list and crossed off the things we accomplished and added new things to the list. I also removed a couple items that we decided not to do. For more on each project, click the room name to pull up all the posts in that category.

Front Porch:

-Redo rocking chairs
-Hang a swing
-Put plants on either side of door
-Hang a wreath
-Grow a vine on the sides for privacy

Side note: Thanks for all the love regarding our front porch! It's my most viewed blog post and my most pinned project on Pinterest! You all are awesome!

Front and Side Yards:

-Put in natural stone edging
-Redo some of the bushes in front and side
-Plant a cherry tree out front (We found a cherry tree after season at Home Depot for 75% off! We only paid $10 for it! So far, it's doing fine, but because we bought it after season, we're worried about how it'll do when it gets cold. Thankfully, Home Depot has a year warranty, so if it dies, we can exchange it! 

Back Yard:

-Level yard. This is a HUGE project that we would have to hire out, but would give us much more usable yard space. Our house is on a hill, so part of the yard has a steep slope. We would love to put in a new retaining wall and build up the hill to make it even with the rest of our yard, then fence the entire yard in. (This project is on the books for 2015! Eeep!)
-Plant an Autumn Blaze and a fruit tree after yard project is complete.
-Possibly build a small swing set

Back Deck:

-Purchase a couple large planters to garden in.
-Purchase a deck table with umbrella for shade.
-New door mat and decorative plants.
-Eventually, we'd love to turn the deck into a covered porch or sunroom.

Living Room:

-Hang curtains for privacy (phase 1)
-Replace couch pillows for existing couches
-Purchase rug
-Decorate wall above couch
-Eventually replace shades with plantation shutters and possibly get rid of curtains (phase 2)  We tweaked this idea. More on this soon!
-Replace couches (Phase 2)
-Finish large scale decoration for above fireplace (Phase 1)
-Purchase new couch pillows in light blues, light greens, and khakis (after new couches)
-New end table

-New rug
-Add planking above fireplace
-Wire TV cords above fireplace
-Replace TV
-New artwork for above couch
-Replace boob light with ceiling fan

Entry Way:

-Purchase entry table
-Replace temporary shade with something permanent 
-Decorate walls
-Purchase new rug

Dining Room:

-Redo table and chairs
-Hang curtains
-Purchase buffet/cabinet
-Decorate walls (about halfway done on this one)
-Eventually put in board and batten

-New Lighting Fixture


-Reorganize drawers
-Hang organizer for baggies and wraps

-Add shelving inside cabinets for tiered storage
-Install pull out shelves for pantry cabinet

Breakfast Nook:

-Install plantation shutters on door
-Purchase new table and sell old table
-Purchase bar stools
-Build banquette for storage

Laundry Closet:


-Replace shelving

Downstairs Bath:

-Purchase new shower curtain and towels
-Install hooks for guests to hang towels on
-Replace toilet
-Replace vanity and sink?
-Replace tile floors
-Install blinds

-Hang artwork


-Repaint room and add striped accent wall
-Replace window coverings
-Replace or repaint counters OR remove built in unit for better room layout
-Reorganize closet and build shelves
-Hang gallery wall
-Hang kid artwork
-Replace gold boob light

-Replace car rug
-Purchase seating

Coat Closet:

-Purchase shoe shelf
-Hang hooks for scarves

Linen Closet:


Master Bedroom:

-Replace curtains
-Purchase chair for corner
-Install bedside lighting
-Replace gold boob light with ceiling fan
-Replace vinyl shades
-Hang all hanging art and frames (there's nothing on the walls right now!) Still nothing on the walls. OYE!

Master Bathroom:

-Decorate walls
-Replace vinyl shade with plantation shutters
-Hang a shelf
-Replace toilet

-Paint vanity
-Frame mirror or replace with two mirrors
-Hang hooks 
-New caulk and new grout in shower
-New lighting fixtures

Little Boy's Room

-Hang blackout curtains
-Replace vinyl shades with 2" blinds
-Replace lighting with ceiling fan and move existing lighting to playroom
-Hang artwork
-Hang shelf
-Reorganize closet and hang more shelves 

-Paint Shelves
-Build bed rails
-Purchase end table

Little Girl's Nursery:

-Empty Closet (almost done!)
-Install board and batten
-Replace vinyl shades with 2" blinds or blackout roman shades
-Hang curtains
-Purchase new dresser
-Purchase bedding
-Purchase rug
-Reorganize closet
-Replace hardware and door handles
-Replace gold boob light with ceiling fan

-Paint Closet
-Replace outlets

Kid Bath:

-Repaint walls
-Repaint trim
-Hang new shower curtain
-Hang artwork
-Replace vinyl shade with 2" blinds or plantation shutters


-Replace vinyl shades with 2" blinds
-Move guest bedroom furniture into office

-Purchase appliances
-Hang artwork
-Install digital thermostat

Office Bath:

-Frost window
-Hang artwork

Downstairs Hallway:

-Hang artwork

Upstairs Hallway:
-Hang artwork


-Hang shelf
-Purchase locking storage cabinet for chemicals

-Sell remaining items from reorganizing projects on Craigslist
-Hang wall organizers for tall tools like rakes and brooms


-Install digital thermostat upstairs
-Install digital thermostat downstairs

Know what this list screams to me? Hang up some artwork on the walls already, Samantha!!! Haha!

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