Friday, August 15, 2014

Five on Friday

Here's my Five on Friday!

1. This Rug- Of course, just a couple days after blogging about our finished entryway, I found a rug to finish, finish the entryway. Love it! I couldn't find it online, but it's from Target.
2. Dance Parties- Back when Jeremy and I were dating, he would sing me country songs to try to persuade my hip hop loving heart to like country music. One of the frequent songs he'd sing was Diamond Rio's Meet in the Middle. Now, one of our favorite family things to do is to turn that song up really loud, sing it at the top of our lungs, and dance around the living room with the kids. They think it's hysterical! And our neighbors probably think we're crazy. :) 
3. School Supplies- I just can't stay out of the school supply aisle. The smell of paints and crayons just draws me in and I want to buy it all. As a kid, I loved getting school supplies and would pack, unpack, and repack my backpack a thousand times before school started just so I could look at all the fun supplies. My mom used to have to take them away so I would stay out of them before school started. Then, as a teacher, oh my goodness...the first day of school with eager kids ready to learn and fresh supplies?! Be still my school loving heart. :) Wow, that turned into a bunny trail real quick, huh? 
4. Arizona Green Tea- In a can. Not a bottle. A can. LOVE these! When I was teaching, I drank one a day. But, I got out of that when we moved to NC. I've recently rediscovered them and treat myself to a cold one every week when I go grocery shopping. 
5. This Blanket- Oh my word, this blanket is SO soft! I bought a twin size one for our living room and it is the best blanket ever! It is lightweight, yet warm and the color goes great with our furniture. I also love that it is big enough to cover my entire body, unlike a throw size blanket that is too short to cover your feet. Poor, cold toes. 
Happy weekend, everyone!

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