Friday, August 29, 2014

Five on Friday

Time for Five on Friday! 

1. Dropping stuff stinks- It's been really quiet around this blog. Dropping and breaking BOTH my phone and my computer within 5 minutes of each other might have something to do with it.  Seriously! That was not a good day. Thankfully,  my replacement phone came in, but we are still waiting on the computer we ordered to arrive. Thanks for your patience, everyone! In the meantime,  we are getting estimates on the yard project and I'm cooking up a mini bathroom makeover!  Stay tuned! 

2. Prayers answered- My best friend's sweet (and ridiculously cute) little newborn had to have major surgery this week. I've been dreading it for weeks.  God was faithful! The surgery went well and he is smiling and doing well! Please continue to pray for their family as he heals and they care for him at home!

3. Archer Farms Dulce de Leche Latte K Cups- So good!  Try them! 
Archer Farms K-Cups Dulce de Leche Latte 16ct
4. Wrightsville Beach- We made our yearly trek to the beach last weekend.  We always enjoy Wrightsville Beach, NC.  Ample parking,  nice sand,  not over crowded,  and not too far from the aquarium at Kure Beach. I wouldn't call myself a beach bum or anything (even though I did grow up in South Florida) but I love the beach.  It is so relaxing.  When I'm there,  all I want to do is sit in the water letting the waves wash over my feet and just breathe.  No technology,  no cleaning,  no stressing, no whining,  no schedules... just be.
5. New Gatorade commercials- have you seen the new commercial series Gatorade has with Cam Newton and Peyton Manning? Hilarious!  This one is my favorite.  The only thing that would make it better is if you replaced Cam Newton with Tom Brady.  Duh. ;) 

Happy weekend, everyone!

Image credits: Target and Wikipedia

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