Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Life Lately

You guys... I'm in a blogging slump. It's not because I haven't been doing stuff around the house, though. I've just been busy and the stuff I've been doing is boring. Seriously. I reorganized our master closet, linen closet, pantry, and we went through the entire attic. Purge was the name of the game and now we have a big pile of stuff in the garage for Goodwill. I feel SO much better now that they're done, but the results are nothing exciting. See? Yup, tidy, but snooze inducing. But, that doesn't stop me from opening the doors and enjoying the cleanness of it all! #dork :)
Where are we with all of our projects, you ask? Well, we are moving about as fast as a snail. Jeremy was asked to speak in DC next month, so instead of putting our money into projects, we are saving the cash to make a family vacation out of his business trip. SO excited about that! We've been to DC once before 2 years ago and have been itching to go back!

Well, that's the update for today. I'll be back soon with something more exciting than boring closet tidying sessions. ;)

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