Monday, April 7, 2014

Consolidated DVD Storage

I've officially started on our home reorganization project! The first room I'm conquering is the living room. I needed a place to store all of the cords and gear for our computer and camera. The drawers in our TV stand were a natural choice for these items, but they were completely full of DVDs. I remembered Jen at Iheart Organizing storing her DVDs in sleeves instead of their original cases, so I took her idea and ran with it!  
I loved this DVD storage solution I found at The Container Store, but it was too tall for our drawers. Sigh. So, onto Plan B!
Image Credit: The Container Store

I emptied all of the DVDs out of the cases and put them into DVD sleeves I found at Target. I labeled each DVD using self adhesive index tabs I had on hand that were leftover from my college days. Um, yeah, I graduated college in 2005. Does this qualify me as a pack rat?! Anyway, I turned the sleeves to the side so the tabs wouldn't prohibit the sleeves from opening and closing. I bought the colored version of these DVD cases. Similar self adhesive index tabs can be found here.
I put all the DVDs into a media box I found at Target a few years ago. (Similar options here, here, and here.) There is still plenty of space in the box to add more DVDs in the future and to store extra DVD sleeves and labels. 
The DVDs took up a drawer and a half before, but now only take up about a third of a drawer leaving plenty of new storage space! Winning! :)

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