Monday, March 17, 2014

Making Room

Sorry for the silence around the blog lately. We've had a major family emergency and would love your prayers if we come to mind. Thanks, friends. 

Let's talk about organizing... Our house is not necessarily small, but it's not huge either. It has plenty of living space, but organizing it over the past (almost) two years has been tricky due to the lack of closet space downstairs. The biggest area where I feel the lack of closet space is in the kitchen. We do not have a pantry and don't have a ton of cabinet space either. I cook a lot, so I have a lot of kitchen tools and pantry items. We also shop at BJ's. Have you even seen the size of their products?! ;)

My kitchen has literally overflowed into several other areas of our home. Crockpot and rice cooker in the coat closet? Yup. Paper goods in the playroom closet? Mmmm Hmmm. Griddle and serveware in the linen closet. Why not! Beloved hand painted dishes from Grandma in the office/guest room cabinets? Sigh. Ice cream maker in the master bedroom closet?! Now we're just getting crazy!

In the middle of the night, I couldn't sleep, so did what every rational person does. I planned how to reorganize my entire house more efficiently. Nerd alert! :) I got up the next day and wrote out my plans. So, that's the challenge! Go through every room and organize it the right way!

Now, what in the world do I mean by the "right way"? I am cheap and like to use what I have on hand. For the most part, I've used plastic storage bins from my teaching days to organize our home. I try to make the organizers work for what we have instead of intentionally purchasing organizers that fit the things we have and provide the best function. We've been thoughtfully considering the best way to organize each room, not necessarily the cheapest way. Obviously, we'll continue being our frugal selves, but we are going for quality here and may have to do this slowly to save enough beans for each project...and that's totally fine!

Here's our to-do list for the next several months! I'll be sure to post about each project!

Living Room:

-Storage for baby items
-Consolidate DVDs

Coat Closet:

-Storage for bags
-Scarf organization
-Door organizer for accessories
-Extra upper shelf for storage
Image Credit: The Container Store

Breakfast Nook:

-Possible bench with shoe storage?

Linen Closet:

-Wire shelves for tiered storage
-Candle storage


-Drawers for art supplies
-Wire shelves for tiered storage
-Wrapping paper organizer
-Possibly replace closet doors?
Image Credit: The Container Store


-Install pull-out shelves in pantry cabinet
-Wire shelves for tiered storage
-Additional door organizer for Ziplock bags
-New basket for towels
-Rack for cookie sheets
Image Credit: The Container Store


-Laundry storage drawers
-Replace current shelving with cabinets
-Iron holder
-Hanging bag for rags


-Shelving for seasonal items

I'm almost done with the living room already! Hooray!

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