Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday

Here's 5 Random Things for Friday!

1. It's official, I've had a stroke of genius. Behold...
You know when you hand a kid a juice box and they promptly squeeze it and spray juice everywhere? No more! Just pop the top tabs of the juice box for them to use as handles. You're welcome. ;) 

2. Spring is here and everything is blooming! I love it! Jeremy bought me a bag of tulip bulbs this past fall and they are blooming! Aren't they gorgeous? By the way, buying your wife flower bulbs is a very smooth move. You get all the "awwwws" in the fall when you gift them to her, then another set of swoons when they bloom. It's like a BOGO flower gifting deal. Well played, Honey. Well played. ;) 

3. I've been obsessed with Nivea body wash for a few years now. My favorite scent is called Happiness (although all of their scents are amazing!) and it is the perfect fragrance for summer. Try it out! 
Image Credit: Target

4. I find Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs irresistible. There's just something about the peanut butter to chocolate ratio. Perfection. 
Image Credit: Target

5. I'm finishing up a project in the kid's bathroom. Can't wait to show it to you next week! 

Happy weekend, everyone! 

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