Monday, April 14, 2014


Let's take a field trip to the never been seen on the blog before kids bathroom, ok? I've honestly been kind of lost trying to decorate it, so it's pretty bare. The walls were white with sage green trim when we moved in. I haven't been able to decide on a color for the walls, so they've stayed white for the past two years. Oh indecisiveness! :)

I love the shower curtain and hooks we found at Target a couple years ago. The colors are my favorite and it's just fresh and cheery looking. We found the shower caddy at The Container Store to hold all of the bath toys. Works perfectly!
For some reason, greens never show true to life on my blog. They always look darker! 

The sink area is kind of a hot mess, though. I've been hemming and hawing over what to do in here for the past two years and am finally starting to get my gears moving. The towel rack was pretty much useless because it was hung so high Little One couldn't reach the towel without it falling down. It has been bugging me! I decided that a hook would be much more useful and kid friendly for hanging hand towels, so we took the towel rack down.

We have a subtle sea life theme going on in here, so I was hoping I could find decorative hooks to match the theme. Then it hit me! I remembered seeing Young House Love's post about their upcoming Target line and thought they had an octopus hook. The line had just hit the stores a few days prior and a quick Target search confirmed that they had the most adorable octopus hook ever!
Image Credit: Target

Jeremy and I agreed that they were the perfect solution and I headed to Target to get the hooks. Jeremy even smiled and said, "Those are cute!" when I showed them to him. That's a huge compliment, John and Sherry! :)
We hung them up and absolutely love them! We decided to hang them closer to edge of the counter instead of centered on the wall so that the kids could reach the towels easier. Sometimes, practicality comes before aesthetics. But, I have a plan for artwork that will make everything look more balanced!
To make the towel hook solution even more kid friendly, I took their hand towels and stitched on a little ribbon loop to make it easy to hang up and to keep the towels on the hooks even when little ones are pulling on them.

For the loop, I looped a 2-3" ribbon strip, then folded the end under to protect from fraying, and sewed the ends down. Then, I sewed it onto the middle of the towel. It only took me about 5-10 minutes to hand sew, but if you are a sewer, this would probably take 30 seconds on a sewing machine! I am absolutely terrible at sewing (remember this post?!), so I stuck with a simple needle and thread. :)
If your towel is solid colored or entirely patterned, you could sew the ribbon strip straight onto the middle of the side seam, too. I couldn't do this method, though, because my towels had a design at the bottom that would look funny hung sideways.

Now to decide on a paint color for the walls... I actually like the white in here, I'm just not a huge fan of the green trim. I'm also not a fan of how the white walls make the yellowed counters so obvious. Still stewing on a wall color, but I'm thinking something super light. Maybe grey? We'll see...

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