Monday, October 7, 2013

Board and Batten Reveal

I'm SO excited to finally be sharing the finished board and batten with you!

Catch up here! Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Ready for Paint

When we last left off, we were ready to paint and thought we could knock out painting in one weekend. Let's laugh at that, ok? :) Thankfully, we had pre-primed boards, but it still took two coats of cutting in and rolling (three coats of rolling in about half the room) to get good coverage. It took 6 hours for each coat because of how much edging there was to do. Jeremy did the first coat on the weekend, then I did the rest during nap times. We tag teamed the pink paint in our typical fashion--I edge, Jeremy rolls, then I touch up. I really love getting to work together on projects with Jeremy! We finished painting last weekend, but there was a lot of clean up and finishing touches left to do.
This weekend, Jeremy reinstalled the quarter round to the baseboards. Because the baseboards are thicker now, he had to make a few minor cuts to get the old quarter round to fit. No big deal, though! Then, I went through and touched up a few spots with paint and Jeremy carried the enitre contents of the garage all the tools he used back to the garage. After the room was emptied, we got down and scrubbed the floors, scraping stray paint off the floor with a food scraper. Then, we declared the whole shebang FINISHED!

Just to refresh your is the room on Day 1 after we ripped the baseboards off and got it all ready for primer .
And...Here it is now!!!!
Doesn't the attic door blend in so much better now?
Excuse the mix of real camera photos and phone photos. I don't have a wide angle lens and this room is very small, so I had a hard time getting photos of it!
Here's the little nook with all the doors. Four to be exact! Crazy!
And a couple detail shots to finish it off!
We LOVE how it turned out! Things in the nursery are going so quickly now! We already put up the crib, added the rug and rocker, and are in the middle of assembling her dresser! Now I get to plan the fun decorating stuff! 

We still have a few finishing touches to do in the room that will make the board and batten even prettier! We're going to replace all of the outlets with white outlets (the actual outlets are off white right now) and replace all of the gold knobs and hinges with brushed silver hardware. 

And, in case anyone is wondering, the pink is called Panache Pink by Sherwin Williams. We've been getting the Harmony No-Voc paint from Sherwin Williams ever since we were pregnant with Little Boy and LOVE it. It has such good coverage and hardly any smell! 

Thanks for following along with our board and batten project! It may have taken us a month, but we love the results! 



  1. fantastic job. looks great and yes, it does blend the door in so much nicer!

  2. This looks amazing! So crisp and clean. I am wanting to do this same effect in our bathroom. I will definitely use your posts for help and inspiration. Thanks for sharing. (Maybe this will help me get a headstart on my bathroom!)

  3. That is amazing! I love that little attic door...what charm it adds, especially the way you have camouflaged it! Kim @ Exquisitely Unremarkable

  4. Wow, I just love how it turned out! Stopping over from The Humble Brag!

  5. It looks beautiful! I did B&B too and so I know just how much work it really is! I love it!

  6. Stopping by from the Humble Brag Link party- that looks so great!!


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