Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday

Five random thoughts of the day!

1. I'm tired of buying new pumpkins every year just to have them rot, so have been on the lookout for some nice, fake pumpkins on sale. I found these 50% off at Michael's! The blue one is my favorite. All of the blue ones had imperfections on them from being outside, so I asked if they gave a damaged discount, hoping they'd do 10% off or something. The cashier said "Sure!" and took an additional 50% off! I only paid $3 for it and it was originally $15! I was super excited!

2. We've been busy cleaning out the closet in Little Girl's room to make room for her stuff. There are six space bags of Little One's outgrown clothes and guest room bedding waiting to be vacuumed and put into the attic and we still need two more space bags to finish up. Crazy town! But, her closet is emptied out and holding only her stuff in it now! And, I organized all of her clothes by size in clear tubs. Still have a way to go in her room, but hey, it's progress!
Don't you think her closet is screaming for some pink paint and maybe a fun stenciled pattern?! Now to muster up the energy for that... Ha!

3. The ever-popular 2 ingredient pumpkin muffins (1 can pumpkin + one box cake mix, baked at 350 for 20-25 mins--yields 12) continue to be a favorite around our house! I've had them with spice cake, yellow cake, and chocolate cake mix and keep going back to the yellow cake mix version. Of course, we add a third ingredient--chocolate chips! So fast and easy and yummy! Oh and side note, my friend Amy makes these, too, and hers are fluffier than mine. Turns out, she uses the electric mixer to beat the batter instead of stirring with a spoon. Who knew? Thanks for the tip (and the craving for these today!), Amy!

4. My hubby thinks I've gone crazy buying bows for Little Girl. But, seriously, girls need bows! I'm learning all about dressing little girls, and let me tell you, they come with a lot of accessories. Tights...leggings...bows... so much to think about! And just for the record, I've only bought 3 bows! So far... ;) Totally crushing on this bow right now. But, I've been temporarily banned from buying bows. Hahaha! I'll do a post later about my favorite bow shops!

5. We bought this for Little Girl's room and I can't wait for it to get here. I love it SO much! I've been crushing on Katie Daisy's art work for a while now and am excited to have a piece of it in our home!

Happy weekend!

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