Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Decor: Simplified

So when we left off, this is what parts of our house were looking like all decked out for Fall:

Festive Tablescape...
 Decorated Mantel with Burlap Banner...

I liked it and enjoyed it, but... when I'm busy, I can't stand lots of stuff around. Messes stress me out and I go on a de-cluttering spree. Which is totally what happened with my fall decor. It wasn't a mess and I liked the way it looked, but it was too much for me. I like things simple and basic. No fuss, no frills. So, I took down my cute fall banner (Don't worry, I can use it again next year!) and redid my table decor. Here's my fall decorations, take 2, simplified.
 I liked my previous table decor, but wanted something more basic, neutral, and easier to pull back since we eat at this table at dinnertime. I left the table runner and burlap, but redid the rest.
 I scored the bowl at a yard sale for $1 and put my fake gourds in it, plus a couple real ones I found on sale for 50 cents at the grocery store.
 The vases and candles are from Dollar Tree and are filled with lentils. Score again for cheap decor!
 Here's the fireplace, sans banner. The banner was cute for a while, but it's nice to have a more simple mantel.
And while we're on the subject of fall decor, check out this cute pumpkin I found 80% off at Kohl's! It landed on the end table in the living room and the bronze looking pumpkin got the boot. Love the new pumpkin!

Everything else is pretty much the same. Still loving the wreath, but sad to say that my mums bit the dust. I noticed that the yellow mums at the stores and that other people had out were doing the best, so may try that color next year. 

Ahhhhh, totally digging the simplified decorations! :) Do you change things up mid-season? Do you like more or less decorations out? 

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