Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm Digging It: Second Edition

More random things that have made me smile.

1.) Young House Love. John and Sherry Petersik's blog Young House Love is an absolute favorite of mine and I'll admit I got really giddy when they announced they were writing a book and pre-ordered it the first day it was available for ordering. I got even more giddy when it finally came out! It's awesome and at the risk of sounding's so inspiring! I've gotten so many new ideas from the book, as if their blog wasn't already chock full of good ideas to begin with! Go, run, get this book! Your house will thank you! :)

2.) Mommy Guilt. I'm totally digging the Mommy guilt since Halloween. It's the only thing that keeps me from sitting and polishing off Little Ones Halloween candy in one sitting. I just can't bring myself to eat his candy without him, so the only time I eat it is when we share an occasional piece. Thank goodness for Mommy guilt saving me a few pounds. Too bad I don't have the same guilt with the giant bag of leftover Tootsie Rolls that were for the trick-or-treaters! Tootsie Rolls are my kryptonite. 
3.) Goblets. Goblets are definitely on my Christmas list this year. We're in need of new cups and I'm thinking these would fancy things up around this joint. I'd feel so swanky chilling in my sweats with my hair in a bun eating my grilled cheese and drinking Kool-aid out of my fancy cup. ;) Hahaha
4.) Patriots. Do I even need to explain this one?! They're awesome. The end. And, no, I don't want to talk about the super bowl last year. Duh. ;) 

5.) Thermometer. With Thanksgiving cooking on the brain, I had to mention this thermometer that allows you to see the temperature of what you're cooking, even with the door closed. It's on my Christmas list, too! 
Good night! 

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