Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap and Our Real Tree

I've been a slow blogger lately. Fail! :) My family came in town for Thanksgiving, which was super fun! We ate a yummy meal together with our friend James, then my mom and brother and I hit the stores at midnight for Black Friday specials. We found some great deals!

I felt so spoiled while they were here. Mom brought the turkey, twice baked potatoes, bread, and a sweet potato pie with her, so I only had to cook half of the Thanksgiving meal. How awesome is that? AND, she washed all the dishes without me knowing! I'm one of those people that if you do something for me in front of my, I feel guilty and have to help, but she totally did it behind my back. All I could do was grin like a goofball and thank her profusely.

As if that wasn't enough, she altered some curtains for our living room and surprised us with the curtains we've been wanting for our dining room. Oh yeah, and she had already altered them to fit our windows before they came! Yup, totally spoiled. Sneak peek at the living room curtains in the pics below. I'll do a full post on them after we get them all hung up!

Mom knows my track record with sewing and would not even let me cut or pin for fear that I'd ruin them. She's totally right. Sad, but true. ;) Here's some Instagram photos of Mom happily slaving away on the curtains and a super grainy picture of us chilling before dinner.

After my family headed home, Hubby, Little One, and I went out and bought our first real tree! Wahoo! This is Hubby and I's 6th married Christmas and we finally got a real tree like we've been wanting!

When we first got married, we had zero moola to be spending on Christmas decor. We bought the cheapest fake tree at Wal-Mart that we could find. It was ridiculously ugly and you could see straight through it. We were, of course, super proud of it (at first) and excitedly set up the tree. After we got it all decorated, I had Hubby stand in front of the tree so I could take a picture. I immediately busted out laughing when I saw the picture because when he stood in front of the tree, you couldn't see the tree behind him at all! I've been searching for the pic and can't find it for the life of me. Boo.

I'll leave you with our the obligatory stand in front of the tree picture (He purposely stands so he covers it up. haha) as well as the obligatory "touch the tree" pose. You know your mom made you pose like that in the 80's. Admit it!

Next up, a DIY Christmas tree skirt!

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