Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monogram Car Artwork

Remember a while ago when I introduced you to my friend Amy? She has such great ideas and finds the cutest projects to do for around her home! I straight up copied one of her ideas this time...and she watched my kids while I went to Michael's to get the supplies! Now that's true friendship! Haha! :)

Ever since we moved Little Man into his big boy bed and bought him a new quilt and rug, I've been wanting to change out the turtle decorations from his nursery and decorate in a vehicles theme. Of course, decorating Little Girl's nursery brought his room to a standstill for a while, but we're ready to finish it up now. When I saw this initial art that Amy made for her boys' room, I knew it'd be perfect for Little Man's room! And as an added bonus, it's super quick and easy, so it's the perfect craft for this sleep deprived mom! Excuse my phone pictures in this post. Remember the sleep deprived mom thing? ;)

Here's the initial that Amy made! Isn't it adorable? 
(Picture credit goes to Amy!)

Here's my copy of hers! Little Man loves it! (The metallic paint I used looks streaky in the pictures, but it's not streaky in person.)

I purchased the letter at Michael's. I used a 40% off coupon, so it only cost me $2.40. I also picked up bottle of metallic craft paint for $1.29 while I was there. I thought it was metallic charcoal gray, but it turned out more silver. Not what I was going for, but we just rolled with it. Little Man and I painted the letter together which was cute! :)
After the paint was dry, I cut white cardstock paper into little strips to make lane lines and laid them out on the letter how I wanted. Then, I modge podged the strips onto the letter. 
I finished up by hot gluing two cars onto the "road". Little Man was having a hard time deciding which cars he wouldn't mind donating to this decorating cause, so I ended up just buying two new cars. Haha! I haven't decided if I want this to sit on his shelf or hang on the wall, but if I decide to hang it, I'll just attach picture hangers to the back. Easy decoration and only cost me $5 and some change!


  1. adorable..what a great idea! Christine from Little Brags

  2. Thank you so much for sharing such an inspired idea & tutorial. It seems SO easy to come up with girl room ideas, but boys definitely require a bit more creativity.

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  3. This is SO cute! I'm sharing it a little later today on my Facebook page - thanks so much for sharing it at Creativity Unleashed!!


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