Friday, April 1, 2016

Shop with Me: Kirkland's Edition

Hey, Friends! Sometimes, I wish we could all just pile in the car and take a shopping trip together, don't you?! But, since geography seems to be a bit of a problem for that plan, I decided to do the next best thing-- snap pictures while I shop! Come along with me on my recent trip to Kirkland's

Now, two disclaimers for you...

First, this is not sponsored! I just wanted to share my great decor finds! Kirkland's has no idea who I am. I wish! Hey, is this mic on? Kirkland's? Kirkland's, can you hear me? I love you! ;)

Second, I was pushing a stroller with a very grabby ninja 2 year old in it while simultaneously corralling my 5 year old and repeating "look don't touch" every two seconds AND trying to snap pictures with my phone. All because I love you. So, excuse the sub par pictures and just focus on the cute decor, ok? :)

First up, this bottle table runner is my absolute favorite! I asked for it for my birthday. Crossing my fingers that I get it! I know, I know, I could just DIY one, but sometimes it's nice to get something already assembled, you know? And check out the table it's on! Swoon!

Kirkland's has some great accent furniture! That cabinet on the bottom left reminds me of my teal cabinet. It'd be the perfect stylish small space storage solution for a dining room! And that table on the bottom right would look amazing in an entry way!

The lamps were all unique and very reasonably priced!

 I swooned over the large wall decor! The arched mirror would be amazing on a fireplace mantle, wouldn't it? The wood art on the bottom right catches my eye every time I go into Kirkland's!

Their mirrors are always super well priced. If you are doing a bathroom remodel, check Kirkland's for your mirror first! They're big, have great frames, and are a fraction of the price of the hardware store mirrors!

There were lots of cute accessories, too! I loved this set of sweet tea cups and they were on sale for only $8! It took all of my willpower (and remembering I have an overflowing cup cabinet) to not buy them!

This was actually my second trip to Kirkland's lately. Last week, my bestie Amy and I were supposed to be working out at the gym but somehow ended up at Kirkland's. I have no idea how that happened... ;) We both loved the wood signs! They're the same style as my DIY wood sign, so you you could totally make them yourself using my tutorial! Amy went home with that adorable measuring units sign. My picture of that stinks, but you can see it better here. It's SO cute!

Ok, ready to see what I bought? Both things were on clearance and I stacked a coupon on top from Kirkland's Spin it to Win it app!

I thought this sign was perfect for my dining room! I love the saying and how the text picks up the teal in my teal cabinet.

The sign I showed you above had me at hello! It's in our bathroom for now, but I'm thinking it'll be perfect in Jeremy's office!

Did you enjoy this little shopping trip? What store would you like to see next?


  1. We had fun, didn't we?! Do you remember how much the arched mirror was?

    1. As always!!! :) :) :) I think it was $169. I saw one in tealish blue online!

  2. Terrific post! I wish there was a Kirkland's where I live. Online shopping is great, but browsing in a store is even better. I have a quick question --what color is your front door and did you paint the inside of it? It really is spectacular!

  3. Take us to Kirkland's again sometime! Love their decor and furniture but I'm not near a store! Thanks for sharing!
    Kendra @


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