Saturday, April 11, 2015

Weekend Update

Five random things swirling around inside my head lately!

1.) The pollen cloud has descended on NC! Everything is yellow! I was using my phone to take pictures of the kids outside and in that short time, my phone got a good pollen coating. Insane! But, pollen season also means tulip season. This is our third year growing tulips and I'm in love! 
2.) I scored this wreath for 50% off at Target earlier this week! Then, when I was at Target with my friend Amy, she told me she had bought the exact same one for 70% off. No way! #decoratingtwins :) There was one left, so I scooped it up and will return the 50% off one. Thanks, Amy! I LOVE how it goes with my coral door! I know Easter is over, but I had to try it out for a few days before packing it away.
3.) Sometimes home projects are necessary, but not so glamorous. Like water heaters. Ours was on its way out, so we had it replaced this week. I can finally take a shower without running out of hot water! Yay! 

4.) I was driving through a shopping center yesterday and stumbled on a Starbucks with a drive-thru that I had NO IDEA was there. It is up a big hill behind tons of trees and not visible from the road. And it did not show up on Google Maps when we moved here. But still, how in the world did I miss this?!?! I love Starbucks. Sigh. 

5.) I have been finding such great deals online lately! I got $25 off a $50 order at Crazy 8, 50% off everything at Carter's, and $5 off, free shipping, and a free set of cleaners from ePantry! (Click here for my referral link for ePantry and go here for info about the free set of cleaners--free cleaners deal ends tomorrow.) Super excited! Have you found any good online deals recently?

Happy Weekend!

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