Monday, April 27, 2015

Ch Ch Ch Changes + Inspire Me Monday

Tell me you pictured the 90's Chia Pet commercial when you read the title?! Ha!

I'm excited to share some changes I made to the blog! Usually, I spend my weekend doing home projects, but this past weekend, I spent a good chunk of time giving my blog some loving. After nearly 3 years of blogging, it was time for some updates!

My sweet hubby taught me some basic coding (He's a patient, patient man!) and I was able to create galleries for easier access to previous posts. I created one for projects, one for seasonal decor, and one for recipes. Go check them out!

I've also updated my other tabs as well. Don't forget to follow along to keep up to date on the blog. Check out my social media and subscribe buttons on the sidebar! I hope the changes are helpful!

I'll leave you all with a little eye candy for Inspire Me Monday! I love picking up fresh flowers from the grocery store and am always looking for floral centerpiece ideas for our dining room. Check out these great floral centerpieces from around blogland! Remember to pin from original source. :)

You can't go wrong using a mason jar as a vase and I'm loving the color of this one!

I love the look of the bright green apples as the vase filler!

I've been a long time fan of these rustic boxes filled with jars and flowers. I've been wanting to build one for years. Time to get it done already, right?!

I love the simplicity of this collection of jars and flowers! This would be a great way to display grocery store flowers!

This crate beautifully corrals jars of flowers and is made with paint stirrers! Such a great mix of rustic and elegant!

Pick up some flowers at the grocery store and try some of these ideas out for a fresh table centerpiece this week! Happy Monday, Everyone!

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