Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Opinions Needed

Alright ladies, please help me out! I am extremely low maintenence when it comes to anything beauty related. Or more like hopeless and helpless. Ha! To be completely honest, I don't wear make-up 95% of the time. When I actually do put make-up on, what I call make-up is pretty laughable. Concealer + Chapstick, anyone? Told you I was hopeless. Moving on... 
I constantly have extremely dark circles under my eyes from allergies. Add a hefty amount of sleep deprivation and I'm looking quite scary. I'll spare you a picture. ;) I have a couple different concealers, but none of them are doing the trick. I haven't bought foundation in probably 7-8 years. I bought one thing of powder a couple years ago, but that's it. When it comes to eye and lip makeup, I have zero favorites. Except Chapstick, of course. 

Now that you have an understanding of just how little I know and how beginner I am, will you help a girl out? I really need to invest in some simple, low maintence make-up. I tried wandering the make-up aisles and researching online, but came away empty handed and overwhelmed. I want it to be quick and easy so I can actually wear it every day. Please leave me a comment and let me know your favorite products and beauty tips! I'll come back and do a reader favorites recap so you can see everyone's favorites! Let's get this party started--comment away! 

Thanks, friends! 


  1. If you're not into make up, then I would try cucumber on your eyes, cooled, black tea bags (no herbals teas! You need the tannins), or a vitamin K cream. Also, avon has an under the eye serum product:

    The serum worked well for me! It was worth the price.

    1. Side note - I was going to mention this in my post, but it was already super long! If you're just wanting to heal your eyes some instead, go for the Vitamin K. I used some stuff that was really expensive, but I could tell a difference after just a couple of days. Turns out, mine are so bad that really, makeup is the only affordable, long-term thing for me. It's by skyn Iceland - eye relief pen or something? Mine came with the jar and a pen to keep with my travel cosmetics. EXPENSIVE, but it did help. Maybe check into Vitamin K cream, or eye serum (like Charity recommended). Also, if you didn't know - you can stop by Sephora at the Crabtree Mall and their staff are always helpful. Just tell them your issue and they'll work with you. Do not feel like that means you have to buy something, though! The store is small, but can still feel overwhelming. :) Find out the name, tell them you need to check with your husband and then come see if you can find it cheaper at Ulta or on Amazon. Ulta has coupons!

  2. Fun!
    I am a concealer-needer. My eyes are dark, too. Mostly from not sleeping enough and not drinking enough water. (But also because I'm an eye-rub fan, so I'm sure my tiny vessels in there are just ka-put by now.)
    I've use a LOT of different ones. Good brands are Make Up Forever, Amazing Cosmetics, Too Faced, and Benefit (that I've liked). Those have all been recommended to me by a make-up professional friend of mine.

    --Make Up Forever's HD Invisible Cover Concealer comes in a little twist pen type thing. It has a brush on the end, so it kinda reminds me of lip-gloss. (the HD stands for high definition, btw, so it worked pretty well for me.
    --Make Up Forever's Full Cover Concealer was another good one. It's a little harder of a punch, make-up wise. It's thicker, so the cover is fuller, but blending with other make up might be needed.
    --Amazing Cosmetics - I've used this once, and I liked it. However, the portion size was smaller for the price, and I didn't love it so much more than the others that it was worth the extra cost for me. (It was their Amazing Concealer To Go - comes in a little tube.)
    --Too Faced - this is what I use right now. It's their Absolute Flawless Concealer. It comes in a tube, but it's not so super thick that you absolutely have to use a sponge, though the coverage is a little better that way. One thing that I'm noticing with it, is that it kinda stays "flexible" throughout the day. What I mean is, it's like it doesn't dry quiiiite enough for me. I don't want to feel like I have make-up caked on, but I also don't like to see it smudge 5 hours later, you know? It's definitely not terrible - I still use it every day (well, sorta haha).
    Benefit-- I got a sample of their Fake Up Concealer in a Birchbox and I loved it! I'm going to grab some at some point, but I still have plenty of mine left right now. It comes in a stick and glides on really smoothly because the "tube" of concealer is surrounded by a "tube" of moisturizer. So, kinda like Chap Stick for your eyes! :) You wouldn't need a sponge for this one - just rub under your eyes and use your fingertip to smooth it over. I even wore this some days without any other make up, which is a nice alternative if you're just wanting a quick coverup for your eyes only.

    Are you tired of my comment yet? Sorry it was long! But, I love make up!! :)


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