Thursday, September 26, 2013

Getting Crafty with Pumpkins

I've been inspired to get crafty with my pumpkins this year! I usually just leave them plain, but my dining room has a lot of cool colors, so I wanted to decorate my pumpkins in neutrals to match my existing decor.  

First up, a burlap covered pumpkin! I had some burlap ribbon on hand that I picked up from Michael's a few weeks ago that I used to cover my pumpkin, securing the ribbon with hot glue. I used some leftover dark colored burlap to make the ridges in the pumpkins, then added a leaf and some berries to the top. Easy peasy! 

For my second pumpkin, I decided to give it a coat of creamy ivory paint. When that was dry, I free-handed a chevron pattern with blue paint. I had originally planned to use painters tape to get crisp lines, but the tape was peeling my ivory paint off. So, I decided to go a more rustic route and free hand it and leave it imperfect. I actually really like it this way! 

The small pumpkin is just a Target dollar spot find that I painted ivory. Check back next week to see where the pumpkins land in the dining room! :)


  1. super cute! love the fun colors on the chevron!

  2. I love your pumpkins! They're dressed up, yet classy. :)
    Visiting from The Pumpkin Parade!
    - Yvonne @ Sunnyside Up-stairs

  3. I am loving the way you covered the pumpkin with burlap ribbon. Such a great, rustic touch.

    Thanks for linking to the Pumpkin Parade!


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