Monday, February 25, 2013

Quick and Easy Drawer Organization

Remember when I said there are only 3 drawers in our kitchen? Um, yeah, they were a mess.
They weren't terrible when we first moved in, but over time, they just got messier and messier. Time for some organization! 

I knew I needed some drawer dividers to corral all my cooking utensils and give everything a home. I headed out to one of my favorite stores, The Container Store, to pick up the dividers. I really liked the clear ones, but even on sale, they were a lot more expensive than the basic white dividers. Cost won out and I picked out a few different sizes of the basic white dividers. The Container Store had a drawer with dividers on display which was super helpful when trying to decide which configuration would fit into my drawers and would make the most use of the space. 

I came home, gave them a quick wash, then popped them into the drawers. I purged what I could, then filled up the drawers!
My silverware drawer was already organized with a utensil tray and a medium drawer divider in the back for knives. 

This project definitely qualifies for a speedy award. Seriously, it only took a few minutes to do. Now tell me why it took me almost a year to do this???

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