Thursday, April 11, 2013

Saturday Finds

This is technically a couple Saturday's old, but had to share our recent find. :) In our previous home, we used our breakfast nook as a play area for Little One and our dining room as our main eating area. In our new home, we have a bedroom downstairs that we made into a playroom, so we kept our breakfast nook and dining room for their intended purposes. Hooray! We only owned one table, though, so we removed the leaf from our dining room table and put it in the breakfast nook and bought a new table for our dining room. Confused yet? Haha

Anyway, we have not been 100% satisfied with how the table looked or fit in our breakfast nook. Because of its oblong shape, the person sitting in the back always ended up slamming the chair into the plantation shutters when they got up. Not cool. And, let's be honest...I'm not a fan of the style of the table. Cute in the 90's, not my style now. Danny Tanner called and wants his table back.

Here's a phone shot of the old gal.

Our original plan was to save up and purchase a new, round table that fit the breakfast nook better. But, with our long home to-do list, the breakfast nook table kept getting pushed to the very bottom. We decided to try and find a table on Craigslist for the same price or less than what we could sell our existing table for to save money and get this item marked off our to-do list.

I'll admit, I HATE buying things on Craigslist. I have terrible, terrible luck. I contacted 2-3 sellers within a couple hours of their listing going up, and they would either not bother responding, or their table was already sold. Another seller went as far as scheduling a time for us to come get the table, then mysteriously wouldn't give us their address and then told us the table was sold. What happened to honesty? Rant over.

Thankfully, on attempt #5 or 6, we found a round table that was in perfect condition for $200 AND were able to purchase it from a really nice woman without any drama. Hooray!

Here's our new little table!

It fits the space SO much better than the other table did! We gained a ton of space in the breakfast nook and were able to position the chairs so that no one would back up into the shutters. LOVE IT!

We were able to sell our old table for $220 on Craigslist, so we ended up with a table that we loved and $20 in our pockets! Woot woot!

Have you swapped anything out recently that just wasn't working in your home? Do you have better Craigslist luck than I do?! Hope so!


  1. We just did the same thing! We sold our set in a couple of hours and then it took us two weeks to come across the right table, at the right price, that wasn't being sold by someone shady. I hope it will be a while before I need Craig and his list again.

    1. Glad you found something! And glad to know it's not just me that has Craigslist troubles! Haha! :)


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