Thursday, September 13, 2012

To Do List: Dining Room Edition

Now that I've shared our dining room table reveal with you, I'll let you in on our future plans for this room. Here's our wishlist:

1.) Build a bench for the table. We'd like to be able to seat 6 instead of just four.

2.) Change out the chandelier. The dark green lampshades are not my thing. Our breakfast nook and pendant lighting fixtures are a modern vintage style from Schoolhouse Electric, so I'd like to keep the theme going. Maybe something like this with shades that match the breakfast nook and kitchen lights or the clear shades:

Or something like this:

Alternate View

Of course, those are inspiration pictures. Those price tags are a bit much. I have been cursed with expensive tastes. ;)

3.) Buy a buffet for storage. Thinking something along these lines, just either the same wood color as our table top or white:

Torrance Buffet

I love the clean lines and all the storage space. I have no pantry, so really need the extra storage. Most buffets have a wine rack or open shelves, so one that packs this much storage is hard to find!

4.) Accessorize the walls more. I really like the white frames with white mats we have going on in here. I just want to add a few more pieces to make it look complete.

5.) Possibly add wainscoting to the bottom half of walls.

I'll keep you all updated on our progress. Now for more organizing projects... :)

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