Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Decor Wrap Up + Link Party Favorites

I have to say, all my fall decor was really easy this year! Here's a quick recap on the diy projects.
First off was the burlap runner with burlap napkin rings. I simply bought a roll of burlap at Michaels and cut it in half lengthwise to use as a runner. Then, I cut strips from the leftover burlap and hot glued them to make napkin rings and stuck a leaf inside for a fall touch.
 My favorite fall project this year was my leaf wreath. All I did was take a $2.99 grapevine wreath and attach a $3.50 pack of preserved leaves. The leaves came in a package of several long stems. I cut the stems apart to get about 8-10" sections and tucked and glued them onto the wreath. I tried to go all in one direction and added single leaves here and there to fill it out. I went back around with the glue gun and added more glue to get the leaves really secure. 
 My last projects were for the fireplace. I still had gobs of leftover burlap, so I tied strips of it to my candles using raffia and attached a leaf. For the bunting, I cut 6 triangles out of my leftover burlap. My roll of burlap was actually seamed on the edges, so I made sure to make the seamed edge the top part of each triangle. Once my triangles were cut out, I hot glued some skinny twine my friend generously gave me to the top of each triangle, making the glued side the back. Then, I mixed a tiny bit of white acrylic paint with some black acrylic paint to get a nice matte, charcoal color. I placed a piece of paper under each burlap triangle and painted the letters and leaves onto the triangles. I'm impatient and couldn't wait for it to dry before I hung it up. Haha.
I have a couple more little fall touches around the house like this pumpkin I scored at Target in the dollar spot (although it was $2.50) and dressed it up with some leaves
and this basket I found at Michaels to hold our napkins, salt and pepper shakers, and a fall candle on our breakfast nook table.

I'm happy with my projects for this year and am already stewing over projects for next year! Have you all been keeping up with the Happy Fall Y'all link parties? Here are a few of my favorites so far:

I love The Lettered Cottage's fall mantel!!! The colors are so pretty and I'm totally digging that leaf garland!

I loved The Pink Postcard's fall tablescape! Warm and cozy, yet neutral. This is my inspiration for my table next year, and I have hydrangea bushes to do it with! Woot!

I also really liked Our Family Journey's turquoise pumpkins and those adorable vases on the windowsill!

 One more favorite of mine was Life is a Party's neutral door decorations. I love the doormat and the planter!

Can you tell I've been digging the more neutral displays? Next year, I really want to go more neutral and play with white in my fall decor. Happy Fall Everyone!

Linking up with Thrify Decor Chick for the last day of the It's Fall Y'all link party!

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