Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Shutters and a Table Update

Well...we're still working on the table. Oh brother. So far we've cleaned, sanded, primed, and applied the first coat of paint. We still need to do the second coat of paint, the poly coats, and reupholster the chairs. We've slowed to a stop for now because I pulled out my neck. In my sleep. Not kidding--how do I even accomplish such things as injuries in my sleep?! I rolled over in bed, heard a loud pop in my neck, and have been in *pain* ever since. Hopefully, we'll get back to working on the table soon!!!

In the meantime--the shutters that we ordered back in May finally came in and were installed last week. Woot woot!

Our breakfast nook had plantation shutters on one door and all the windows when we moved in, but had no window covering on the second door. We decided to keep things uniform and add plantation shutters to the naked door. Here's the before (with our temp shade on it) and after!

We also had shutters made for our bathroom window. The previous owner had a vinyl shade here, which in theory is fine, except that the sun had caused the shade to warp on the sides leaving a gap on either side of the shade. You could see straight into our shower from the road! Um, not cool, hence the painters tape in the before picture that was holding the shade down so no one could see in. I love the way the shutters look in our bathroom! They're so bright and cheery and make our window look bigger!

That's all for now, folks! Be back soon with an organizing project! 

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