Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cabinet Organizer Score!

Our little family headed to Lowe's this weekend to pick up a couple more supplies for the table redo. Hubby likes to tell our little one that we're going to the "Man Store" and cheer and get him all excited about it. Of course once we get there and Little Man realizes that it's boring for him, the cheers don't have the same effect. ;)

Lowe's is Hubby and I's happy place. We love meandering through the aisles and dreaming up projects together or planning out how to execute our latest home improvement endeavor. After picking up what we needed, we wandered about and stumbled across the perfect cabinet door organizer! And for only $6.24!

I was able to install it using small Command Hooks to avoid putting screws in our cabinet doors. Score! Here's a quickie phone picture for you!

We are STILL working on the stinking table. I think my style is going to change by the time we get done with it! Ha! I put the polyurethane on the table, but then spilled the can of poly 3 times in a row (yes, THREE) last night, so literally have none left to paint with. Off to the store tomorrow to get more poly so we can finish this puppy already! Seriously, how do you spill the same paint can three times in a row?! Now that's talent, people. ;)

Update: The Command Hooks held for several months, but eventually lost their hold after much abuse, so we screwed the organizer into place. Perfect ever since!

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