Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Top 5 Organizing Projects That Actually Work

Have you ever seen a great, new organization idea, but then wondered if the new system or solution worked long term? I've shared my fair share of organizational projects here on the blog and am going to give you the scoop. The real scoop. The nitty gritty on what worked and what didn't.

Today I'm sharing the top 5 organizational projects I've done around my house that actually worked. And, I'm not talking about worked for a week. I'm talking long term, tried and true favorites. Then, next week, I'll be back to share which projects didn't stand the test of time. Or just simply didn't hold up to distractable me! Ha! So, stayed tuned to hear about my flopped organizational attempts!

Let's get into the successes! Here's my top five in no particular order!

#1- Breakfast Nook Shoe Cabinet

I heart this shoe cabinet! I knew this IKEA cabinet would be a great fit for our breakfast nook soon after we moved in, but the finances weren't right to be spending money on it. I waited for three years for it to creep its way up on the budget priority list. That also meant that I was three years sure I wanted it and it would be a good solution to our shoe storage issues. I LOVE it so much! It holds a ton of shoes and looks stylish while being super practical. I can't recommend it enough!

#2- Hallway Command Center

I have never blogged our command center even though I've had it on the wall in our hallway for as long as we've lived here. Time to remedy that because this spot in the house keeps me organized with our appointments and commitments. In our old house, we had a simple wipe-off calendar on the fridge and it helped me keep up with our schedule better than anything else! I was super disappointed that our fridge in this house is not magnetic so I couldn't continue my fridge calendar. Thankfully, we had the perfect spot in the hallway for a wall wipe-off calendar as well as a little white board for notes and pinning up reminder cards and stamps. Jeremy and I both use and update the calendar, so it's the best way to sync our schedules.

Last year, I hung our Christmas cards with mini clothespins and twine above the calendar. I loved seeing our family and friend's smiling faces there and ended up leaving the photo cards up all year long! I did the same thing this year and it always brings a smile to my face!

#3- Dining Room Teal Cabinet

The teal cabinet has gotten quite a bit of publicity on this blog, but for good reason! With no pantry, this cabinet is a major workhorse for us, storing all of our breakfast foods and snacks. We use it all day long and love it! Bonus points, it is absolutely adorable!

#4- Cabinet Door Organizer

This is by far the simplest organizing solution to make the list, but sometimes simple is what you need, right? A couple years ago, we attached this cabinet door organizer to one of the cabinets under the sink and it has worked great for us! It keeps our wraps and bags accessible without taking up precious drawer space.

#5- Playroom Book Ledges

I LOVE the book ledges we built for the playroom. The ledges allow the kids to see the books at a glance, get them down, and put them back completely independently! So very nice! I love that my kids can be responsible without needing any assistance from me. Win!

What are your best organizational projects? I'd love to hear about them or see links to your posts! 


  1. Thanks so much for collecting these projects together! Just discovered your blog through the the 36th avenue link up! www.hellonancy.co.uk

  2. It's so good to see just a few good sensible ideas together that are tried and tested. So often I feel a bit overwhelmed with organising idea posts. I love your shoe cupboard, that is the same ikea range that we chose for our bedroom furniture and I've admired that in store and wondered where I could fit it in in our house!

  3. Great tips! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Wonderful tips! It's always so nice to start the new year feeling organized and collected!

  5. Shoe storage by the front door is always an issue! I love your shoe cupboard! I built a bench into our dining room that has storage for all the larger kitchen stuff I don't use regularly. It makes my cupboards less full so I can keep them organized!


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