Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Miniature Christmas Display

Hey, Friends! It's been two weeks since I got to blog and I've missed you all! Where in the world have I been?! Well, let me tell you about our last month... I traveled, then when I returned our entire family traveled, then the first night back home our oven control panel shorted out and caught on fire. Thankfully, it was a small fire, but still, two firetrucks (including the giant ladder truck) and 6 fireman later and we are ready for things to settle down! 

The fire was only a week before Thanksgiving, so we were scrambling to get a new oven! Thankfully, we were able to get one in time for all of our holiday cooking! Since then, we've been busy busy busy decorating for Christmas. On top of all the decorating and holiday crafting, I've been on an organizational tear and have been going through every nook and cranny of our house getting rid of things and cleaning. It feels so good! 

I have so many things to share with you all! The first up is this cute miniature Christmas display we created! Growing up, my grandparents had a similar display and I loved it! It was one of my very favorite Christmas decorations and as a small child, I used to imagine who could live in the house what it would be like. I really wanted to recreate the magic for my own family!

I bought a shadow box way back in March and started collecting tiny furniture.

When I finally had all of my pieces collected, I started arranging them into my shadow box. And it was all wrong. The box looked nearly identical to the one my grandparents had, but the rim was too thick and blocked a lot of the items inside. The openings were too small and some things didn't look right. What to do, what to do?

I went back to the store and spotted a tree shaped shadow box. Little Man loved it, so I decided to give it a try. The items fit perfectly, so I decided to roll with the tree shaped box. I painted the box white trimmed in red with a sparkly silver star.

I glued on the pieces, stood back, and felt like a complete failure. It didn't look like Grandpa and Grandma's. Theirs was rectangular and white and had a cute little arm chair with a folded up newspaper and an umbrella stand. Mine felt all wrong.

I was about to hang my shoulders in defeat when Little Man came in the room. He squealed with delight and immediately started giggling about how funny it was that the cookies got to be on the floor and imagining all the fun that must be happening in this little tree shaped home. Jeremy looked at me with a big grin and declared success.

And you know what? He's right. It may not be just like my grandparents', but it has the same effect for my kids as the one I loved had on me. The kids love it and look at it all the time. They make train noises for the trains, talk about Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus, imagine cutting down Christmas trees, making gingerbread houses, and decorating trees.

I originally had it on the entry table, but the kids stole it to add Christmas cheer to their playroom.

Jeremy's right. It's a total success. :)

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  1. This is so stinkin cute and I love this idea! It may not be exactly like the one from your childhood memories, but this will be the one your son will remember from his. :)

  2. This is so cute and such a brilliant idea! I really like the fire place, the gingerbread house, and the Christmas trees!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party

    1. Thanks! It was a lot of fun to collect all the little pieces!

  3. Not only is Jeremey right but all this that we do is really for the kids! So whatever the kids say is always right, even thought we sometimes get crazy and rearrange the ornaments on the tree to be perfect... sometimes perfection is over rated. Your little house is adorable and perfect for your son and that's all that matters. And I agree wholeheartedly with him! ;)

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm thinking "perfection is over rated" may need to be my new motto! :)

  4. I love this! I'm a sucker for anything miniature and this is just darling!

  5. Your Christmas diorama is the sweetest thing, and just like Anne, I gravitate towards miniatures. So adorable!

  6. Just beautiful! What a wonderful Christmas tradition!

    If you have time, I would love for you to share this post over at the
    Holidays Celebration link party that is live right now! (http://keepingitrreal.blogspot.com.es/2015/12/holidays-celebration-link-party-5.html)

  7. Jeremy is right! It is a complete success! What a wonderful Christmas tradition! Thank you for sharing with us at Dream. Create. Inspire. Link!


  8. This is adorable! I love miniatures.

  9. This is the sweetest Christmas idea! I would have loved this as a child. Where did you purchase the tree shaped shadow box? My grand daughter would love the miniatures.
    Thank you, Aleane


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