Friday, October 2, 2015

Five on Friday {10/2/15}

Hey, Friends! I have the cutest little fall craft to show you, but it's been dark and rainy for days (and days and days) here in NC. No sun = horrible pictures. Boo. So, I'll be back to show it to you next week once I'm able to grab some pictures.

In the meantime, here's five things on my mind today:

1.) I got to meet John and Sherry!!! And, I got to meet them with my bestie, Amy!!! It was so fun to hear them talk and get to chat with them for a minute! I love their new book, Lovable Livable Home! It perfectly describes where my heart is in this world of home decorating and DIY. Beautiful, functional, and lived in! Grab a copy and if John & Sherry are coming to your area, grab your bestie and go see them!

2.) Have you been keeping up with the #Homeforthefallidays Instagram game a group of bloggers and I have going right now? There's tons of inspiration every week! Check it out and follow me on Instagram to stay up to date and participate in the game!

3.) Is this not the cutest fall sign from Lilacs & Longhorns?!

Please pin from original source

4.) Have you been keeping up with Chris Loves Julia's kitchen remodel? It's spectacular! I love all the natural light, the open shelving, the mix of lights and darks, and that gorgeous island!

Please pin from original source

5.) I haven't forgotten about painting my front door! Thank you so much for taking time to vote and weigh in on which door color you thought I should choose! I just need to narrow it down to an exact shade, then I'll be on a roll. Ha, see what I did there? ;) More to come on that soon! 

Happy Weekend!

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